New York Reports a Decline in Coronavirus Deaths for the First Time in Two Months

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York State said on the Saturday briefing that only 84 deaths occurred in the state due to the deadly coronavirus, this was an important piece of information because this is the first time since the first outbreak in New York that numbers have begun to go down. The epicenter for the virus outbreak in the U.S had been New York from the very start. It is seen to continually report most cases in the entire country, Johns Hopkins data confirms.

In the light of newly reported data, Cuomo acknowledged that the state was experiencing a terrible number of deaths in comparison to normal standards. At the briefing he mentioned meeting a health care professional who advised him that the death toll of his state ought to be below 100.

Cuomo had earlier pushed back reopening of the state after anti lockdown protests flocked outside the Capitol, he had warned emphasizing that a second wave might be experienced if restrictions were reduced in haste without properly considering the lives at stake.

Cuomo’s remarks surfaced following questions that were being raised about a drop in the economy due to the lockdowns, he said at a briefing in April, that people who were so insistent on working during the pandemic should sign up as essential workers.

Since the recent briefing large areas of central and northern New York State are being prepped to reopen as the first phase of restrictions are being eased. Positive examples can be hoped to set if infection rates for New York State remain low while other states prepare to reopen. New York State was the original epicenter of the pandemic for the U.S, keeping its death rate to a minimum will reassure the rest of the states.

Under the details given by Cuomo, retail stores will enjoy curbside pickups, and businesses with low-risks like landscape and gardening can reopen. Outdoor activities for the general public are also expected to reopen if they are seen as low-risk options, such as Drive-in movie theatres and sports like tennis.

In comparison to the death toll that took place at the very start of the outbreak, New York is experiencing increasingly fewer deaths which have mostly plateaued around last week. As reported from important models by Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Cuomo outlined a plan to reopen New York and at the same time made visible efforts to prevent cases from springing up again and hitting the state with another dreadful wave of coronavirus.

His outlined plan was sure to include a testing protocol. He prioritized the regions to maintain a considerable number of sites where testing can take place while being fully capable of catering to the population. Sufficient advertising for the location and procedure of such sites was also emphasized to take place. Besides prioritizing people who are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, instructions were given to carry out frequent testing of essential workers on the frontline besides other obvious front line workers

Since the previous month, New York is experiencing a decline in hospitalizations due to coronavirus this month.

To reopen however, regions are required to be appropriately tested and have appropriate contracts put in place. Otherwise New York would not qualify to reopen.

The listed regions that have qualified to reopen this Friday include regions like: North County, Central New York, Finger Lakes, Souther Tier, and Mohawk Valley

Cuomo however did emphasize that local governments in such areas should make sure to monitor and keep a check on businesses including checking whether the people who visit them are inappropriately safe numbers and are observing social distancing guidelines. If coronavirus deaths are to be kept at a minimum such measures are absolutely important.

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