An American Hairstylist Exposed 91 People to the Deadly Coronavirus

A stylist from Missouri with visible coronavirus symptoms continued to work for eight days within this month and has exposed at least 91 people to the deadly coronavirus. This information has been released by the local health officials, leaving no mark to question, are Americans even considering coronavirus serious or not?

This new case has opened a huge debate on the coronavirus community spread within the US. The local businesses are re-opening after weeks of lockdown, which was imposed to control the spread of coronavirus in the USA.

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Clay Goddard who is the director at Springfield-Greene County Health Department has shared details of this case, telling that in these 8 days, 84 customers got hair services from this local hairstylist at Great Clips. In the 91 confirmed exposed people, 84 were customers and 7 were other co-workers and staff members.

There is no information on when the stylist got this deadly coronavirus but the health experts suggest it could have happened when the stylist was traveling.

This stylish has reportedly traveled on 12th May when the local businesses were allowed to operate.

Goddard has not provided more details about this hairstylist. He only said that the health officials are trying to track all the people who got services from him and are somehow exposed to the virus. The only good thing here, in this case, is that the hairstylist kept a record of all his customers, which made it easy to contact these people and trace them.

Medical experts are considering this case of mass transmission serious, calling it huge negligence at people’s end. They say that the US can’t afford to have such careless mistakes when it is already struggling to fight against the deadly coronavirus.

Not to forget, the US has the highest number of people affected by coronavirus and deaths caused by a coronavirus in the world. Negligence like this would only make the control strategies worse. They have urged people to be more ‘responsible’ and avoid showing carelessness as a habit.

The local health officials were able to track the complete timeline of the hairstylist, even gathered the map of places he visited including the nearest Walmart, CS pharmacy, and a dairy Queen. They are requesting all people who have visited any of these places during this period to immediately check for the coronavirus symptoms.

Great Clips has taken the immediate action against the coronavirus positive stylist, showing that the local businesses are trying their best to cope up with the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

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The US has at least 98000 confirmed coronavirus deaths reported till the date, the number of infected persons has increased by 1.6 million and it’s not stopping. It is a dire need to take this deadly coronavirus pandemic seriously and follow the standard guidelines released by the CDC, which includes self-isolate in case of coronavirus symptoms appear. Avoiding the public is probably the best way to save yourself and other people from this infection.



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