New Poll Results Tell That 8 in 10 Teens Vape Daily

The poll results created by Common Sense and SurveyMonkey show that vape is extremely popular among teenagers and approximately 8 in 10 teens vape daily. This makes 78% of the teens to vape as a part of their daily routine. One third, approximately 33% of them say that they have tried vaping a few times a week in school. Nearly 54% say that they enjoy vaping at least once a month at school.

The poll results also showed that nearly half of these teens learned about vaping from people around them. Nearly 23% came to know about vaping through social media as it infiltrated their newsfeeds. Shockingly, a majority of teens (about 59%), said that they came to know about vaping through Instagram and Snapchat mentioning or showing it.

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These poll results show that vaping is extremely popular among young children and social media, home, school and even the people around them are responsible to introduce vaping to them. Vaping related health problems have now become a national health epidemic says James P. Steyer who is the CEO and founder of Common Sense.

That is why the government needs to take action against this exposure of vaping to young kids. It requires parental care, educators, counselors, media campaigns, and public officials every one to work together and prevent the next generation from vaping related lung diseases and addiction.

The only good thing about the survey is that many of the participants knew the dangers of vaping. They understand that vaping is as harmful as cigarettes and the claims from the tobacco industry about vape being “healthy” are false. It is necessary to understand a teenager’s opinions on issues that are largely related to their health. That is the only way to find solutions for health crises in the future, says Jon Cohen, the chief research officer at SurveyMonkey.

This poll was created on the launch of the public education and advocacy campaign by Common Sense on awareness regarding the dangers of tobacco and vapes/e-cigarettes. Recently, Common Sense called on all media leaders to refuse the offers of e-cigarette advertising and also demanded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ban these flavored e-cigarettes/vape in USA.

It has also collaborated with educators all across the country and has made a lesson plan for all teachers called How to Use the Vaping and Juuling Trend to Teach Media Literacy“. This plan would help all teen students to understand these medical and advertisement tricks and decide what’s best for their health. This poll is a part of Common Sense and SurveyMonkey partnership to study media roles and how it affects kids.

SurveyMonkey Audience survey was conducted from September 23 to October 4, 2019. The participants were 1,062 children of ages between 13 to 17 residing in the United States. The respondents were selected from more than 2 million people who take surveys on the SurveyMonkey website daily.

Data has been examined for age and sex by using the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey showing the demographic composition of the US teens between 13 and 17 years ages. Click here to read the complete survey findings.



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