New Coronavirus Outbreaks may become 100,000 in Number, New Warnings

new coronavirus outbreaks

The U.S is experiencing new coronavirus outbreaks in different states all over the country; it is becoming a cause for concern especially as lockdowns are being eased nationwide. Dr.Anthony Fauci is the government’s top infectious diseases expert, he warned in Senate testimony that the danger brought by coronavirus is not yet over.

He says new outbreaks could add up to 100,000 cases a day nationwide if the current cases are not controlled. Fauci emphasizes that the American public deserves to know of his concerns because the situation may get worse.

These remarks by the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases came just in time as the United States observed a record 48,000 cases in the span of one day. What makes this report even more alarming is that there were further 8 states that claim the highest single-day record total since the pandemic began.

In only the past 14 days, 28 states have already observed a surge in new coronavirus cases. Fauci explains that the bad news doesn’t end there because the US is experiencing forty plus thousand cases each day. He says it would not surprise him if the number of cases increases to 100,000 a day if the current outbreaks do not receive due attention.

As a result of the current situation of new coronavirus outbreaks, multiple counties in Florida including Miami-Dade and the beaches of Los Angeles will shut down this weekend. They will close down these areas for the holiday on July 4. Currently, Florida and California are trying desperately to slow down the surge in cases.

Fauci says the situation is not up for debates because they are not in control of what’s happening. He urges Americans to abstain from going to bars and observe social distancing.

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With the onslaught of new coronavirus cases, bars in Florida, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and parts of California are closes to prevent more cases from emerging.

Fauci says bars are a cause for concern and they need to be under control. He says this especially because large groups congregate within them.

His concern for bars is important because they are places where people are often in close quarters. This makes them susceptible places to catch coronavirus.

To encourage the wearing of masks, Vice president Mike Pence also wore one during a public briefing, on Tuesday. He says one way we can limit the spread is by wearing masks.

Pence also encouraged people to listen to state and local authorities when they call for the wearing of masks in certain places.

States such as New York and New Jersey have observed decreases in cases even though previously they were leading with the number of cases. Even now as they observe a stable situation, they continue to take due precautions to avoid any further outbreaks.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy has held backorders on opening indoor dining in restaurants. Meanwhile, Massachusetts and New York require visitors from other states to remain 14 days in quarantine.

After 500 deaths of health care personnel since the beginning of the pandemic, families of Health care workers plead the public to take this illness seriously.

While more and more states face the severity of new coronavirus outbreaks, people must abide by official precautions to limit spread. We will only win our global fight with coronavirus if each individual does their part to limit the spread of this novel disease.

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