Bizarre Indian wedding and Funeral infected 111 people with Coronavirus

Bizarre Indian wedding

Nearly 111 people were diagnosed with the deadly coronavirus after attending a wedding and later on the funeral of the same groom. The groom reportedly had symptoms of the coronavirus on his wedding and 15 days apart, he lost his life to COVID-19. This bizarre Indian wedding took place on June 15th.

The groom was by profession a software engineer working near New Delhi. He only returned to his house a week before this wedding and was showing the symptoms before the wedding started.

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This incident took place in the Bihar state of India, where the 36 years old groom tied the knots on June 15th.  At that time, he was clearly experiencing the coronavirus symptoms which many attendants witnessed.

The groom died two days after his marriage.

There were nearly 111 people at this wedding or later on his funeral. The chief medical officer of Patna,  Raj Kishor Chaudhary confirmes all of these people for being coronavirus positive.

All of these people are now in isolation, he further told.

The local doctors are not sure whether or not this groom was the source of infecting all these people. There could be someone else present at both these occasions who was carrying coronavirus with him and is responsible for this spread.

The groom was cremated after his death and the testing results came much later which leaves a space that there might be another source as well.

He visited a local hospital for a while before the wedding, but the family took him home instead of hospitalization and later on hosted a 300 people wedding.

After two days of the wedding, he lost his life and nearly 200 people attended his funeral. Some of these people were present at his wedding and funeral both.

The local health authorities have launched new investigations to find out the details. This bizarre Indian wedding not only violated the policy of social distancing but also overridden the orders on public gathering.

Right now, only 50 people are allowed at Indian weddings and no more than 20 for a funeral. People exceeding this number are nothing but a huge risk of potentially spreading the virus.

Coronavirus cases in India are spreading like anything. A highly populous country of 1.3 billion population, 600,000 patients, and 17,000 deaths, thousands of new cases are reported each day.

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This bizarre Indian wedding took place at Bihar, which is one of the low-income regions of the country. with a population of 120 million people, there are nearly 10,000 confirmed cases and so far, 62 deaths by the coronavirus.

The medical experts believe that the coronavirus cases in India are much more than the state records. The nation-wide toll is higher than reported mainly because a majority of the population is not tested for the virus despite it spreading to all states of India.

Recently, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has eased the restrictions on transport, local businesses, and work despite a high increase in daily cases. However, he has advised people to be more careful and cautious.

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