Introducing An Affordable Health System Initiative by Alzheimer’s Association For Dementia Patients

A new low price Health System Initiative is launched today by Alzheimer’s Association for people suffering from dementia. Efforts are being done to facilitate health systems improving outcomes and manage expenses for dementia patients. This association is focused on providing and increasing dementia care in the area of clinical practice.

The association is aimed to engage above 300 healthcare systems to provide authentically and validate solutions so that health outcomes can be improved and the care cost of such patients can be managed more effectively.

This initiative is taken to collaborate with the healthcare systems and the clinicians for improving access to in time right detection and for providing quality care to the people suffering from dementia.

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They are trying to increase awareness and promoting the use of already existing resources of their association. For this purpose, the association has hired 21 regional healthcare directors. They are giving tools and training focused on providing dementia care. Feedbacks are taken from the providers to drive and enhance ways by which Alzheimer’s Association can help them.

The Chief Program Officer of Alzheimer’s Association, Joanne Pike DR. P.H said that their work with the healthcare systems and healthcare professionals is two-fold. They are giving the strategies and the solutions to the providers to assure the quality of care for dementia patients.

But they also need to know the providers’ needs and demands so collectively we can serve the people and provide them with all care –needs of the people suffering from dementia and affected families.

  • This new initiative is focused to achieve the specific things by working with the health systems;
  • Improved Healthcare outcomes which include accurate and timely diagnosis improve quality care and avoid complications among adults having comorbid conditions.
  • Increased clinical experience ensures the proper communication that gives satisfying answers and well-planned procedures so that can be easy for the individuals and their caretakers. It can help them to make future financial strategies and can access care services and participate in the clinical trials.
  • Reduce the burden on Healthcare professionals by empowering them with the resources, proper training and support to make a diagnosis and to provide follow-up quality care.
  • Managing care costs by working with the healthcare systems and their professionals by making strategies that can reduce unnecessary burdens.

If dementia care isn’t managed properly or hardly managed then the health outcomes go worse and the costs become so much higher. This association is aimed to provide the balance at both sides by working with the healthcare systems, where timely quality care is given and the care cost to the system is lower.

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Alzheimer’s costs too much as it is one of the most expensive diseases in the United States. Studies proved that proper management and diagnosis of dementia and Alzheimer can reduce costs and can improve health outcomes.

Dementia care is expensive and complex. It is one of the most prevalent problems in the United States as there are above 5 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s and the number is still rising. Alzheimer’s Association is working on its vision that is a world without Alzheimer’s. They are

working hard with the health systems to fulfill the increasing demand by assuring people suffering from dementia have high-quality care and their care is managed cost-effectively and efficiently.

The Association is offering several resources to support the healthcare system and providing support to the clinicians throughout the procedure which includes timely diagnosis, management, proper strategies, care planning and providing help and services during a diagnosis.

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