Research finds Artificial “Mini Brains” Infected by Coronavirus, Shocking Results

coronavirus in the brain

A recent study by a US medical firm holds that coronavirus in the brain could cause infection and multiply by a figure of 10 in a matter of days.

The world is discovering new niches to the coronavirus story every day. In the past, scientists and researchers remained busy in understanding the effect of COVID-19 on other body organs, mostly lungs.

However, a recent finding of research by a group of scientists at John Hopkins University revealed that coronavirus could prosper inside the brain too.

The study included testing a set of individuals with the help of artificial “mini-brains” containing low doses of coronavirus. Shockingly, the virus started to multiply and increase 10 times in a matter of just three days.

Results are backed by the findings which include that 1/3rd of the patients in the medical care centers were facing neurology-related problems. But there is vague proof of whether the main culprit is COVID-19 or a secondary agent.

This recent discovery shows that the novel virus is yet to show many new sides of its deadliness. With new findings getting carried almost daily, we are getting to know our enemy better and better.

There are silver linings in the dark clouds as the researcher are getting more aware of the cure after knowing the disease better. John Hopkin’s team suggests that it is now possible to find treatments and restrain the spread of viruses from blood to the brain, also relieving organ infections.

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The effect of coronavirus in the brain has remained a subject of curiosity for scientists for a long time. Scientists repeat that knowing the direct effect of COVID-19 on the human brain is very important.

Researchers from Spain also noted this fact and reported that almost one-half of the affected people in the hospitals had neurology-related issues.

Researchers developed a culture with the help of human cells almost invisible to the human eye. These small brain prototypes have a similar structure and response as that of a human brain.

The novel virus deteriorated the neurons using the typical pathway of ACE-2 receptors located on cell surfaces.

The shocking revelation was the replication of the virus and becoming 10 times greater in just 3 short days. However, researchers stress upon the fact that it is yet unknown whether the virus can cross the blood-brain barrier of blood vessels around the organs.

It is very important to know the nature of the virus as it will help us fight this war more smartly. Scientists worldwide are trying their best to best this fatal virus with their wit.

Several questions arise about the coronavirus in the minds of the curious ones as we try to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective as quickly as we can.

Discovery of the effect of coronavirus in the brain would give us an edge in this fight and researchers are trying their best to achieve this milestone. We can only hope for the best and pray for our loved ones.

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