Is Decline in the US Covid-19 Cases a Hoax?

US Covid-19 cases
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The US has been struggling with the coronavirus over the past year despite restrictions. However, data from the Johns Hopkins University shows that the US Covid-19 cases declined over the past weeks. The country saw a drop of 29% of the new coronavirus cases which is the largest decline of cases in the US since the beginning of the pandemic.

Even though the cases dropped significantly in the country, other factors may seem to influence the data. The severe winter weather across the US caused the authorities to shut down coronavirus testing sites. That affects the data which, shows the decline in the US Covid-19 cases over the past week.

According to the Johns Hopkins data, the states facing the winter storm have the largest decline in the Covid-19 cases. Also, data from Texas shows that the cases dropped by 56% over the past week. Moreover, the state has not been able to update the data for the past four days due to the harsh weather conditions.

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Even though the weather conditions halt the accurate reporting, the US Covid-19 cases dropped significantly. According to Dr. Ashish Jha, the Brown University School of Public Health mentioned that more Americans started wearing face masks in gatherings. The medicine and surgery professor from George Washington University also pointed out the same fact.

The US is making progress in defeating the pandemic but the increasing number of variants is another hurdle. Moreover, experts suggest that these variants spread more easily among people. However, they also believe that the coronavirus vaccines will prove effective against these variants as well.

The scientists also mention that they will update the vaccines according to the new variants of coronavirus. Until now, the US reported 1500 coronavirus cases with the new variants. Meanwhile, the authorities are trying to roll out vaccines faster to lower the number of cases.

According to the data released by the US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, the authorities have administered 57.7 million doses of the vaccine in the US so far. Meanwhile, experts suggest that they need to increase the speed to get ahead of new mutations in the coronavirus.

Even though the latest research conducted in Israel and Canada shows that the one Pfizer vaccine dose is adequate to prevent the infection, but experts stress the importance of the second dose of the vaccine. The booster is essential to prevent coronavirus infection. Moreover, the increasing number of variants increases the worry among the scientific community regarding the vaccine.

Until now, nearly 41 million Americans have received the first coronavirus dose. Also, 16 million people received the second coronavirus dose as well. However, this data by CDC shows that only 4.9% of Americans are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci mentioned the delays in vaccination caused by the harsh winter weather will increase the workload. Moreover, the worker will need to work double-time after winter to administer the vaccines. Also, several states had to halt the operations due to adverse weather conditions. This caused a significant delay in the delivery of vaccines.


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