Ireland Reports ‘Zero’ Coronavirus Cases Today- is the Pandemic Over?

The COVID-19 cases have surged around the world in the past month but now ease in shut down is seen all over the world since the death rate is becoming low. The situation has been under control in Ireland since there has not been any death reported for the first time in 24 hours.

The first case of death due to coronavirus in Ireland was reported on March 11. In the coming few months, 1,606 deaths were reported due to coronavirus. The Department of Health of Ireland reported the latest number of COVID-19 cases. March 21 was the day when zero coronavirus deaths were reported for the last time.

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Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, an Irish politician said that the decreased death toll due to coronavirus in Ireland is a milestone in containing the outbreak and hope for the country to come out of this pandemic successfully.

A hike in the coronavirus cases in Ireland along with an increased death toll was reported in the past months while the flattening of the curve was observed in the second half of April as the number of coronavirus cases stabilized and eventually, zero coronavirus deaths were reported in the country within 24 hours.

According to The Department of Health, another 59 COVID-19 confirmed cases have been reported. The total figure of coronavirus cases in Ireland has reached 24,698.

Dr. Tony Holohan, the chief medical officer said in the last week that the Irish population followed the guidelines and restrictions to overcome the outbreak since March due to which they were successful in eliminating the virus from their community effectively.

Holohan also said the zero coronavirus deaths reported in Ireland are falling in line with the pattern in which the cases are reduced in the country. He also warned that a sudden increase in the COVID-19 related deaths was seen previously right after only four cases were reported in a day.

The suppression seen in the coronavirus cases and deaths during the past week is an indication of the fact that Ireland has won the fight against the virus. He also said that the country has implemented strict restrictions to contain the virus. However, the pattern of the disease will be observed for another week since the lockdown has been eased in the country.

The health experts have warned that the virus might spread during the 5 phases of ease in restriction of business. Some of the hardware stores have been opened along with garden centers and the construction firms have also returned to business.

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The government of Ireland will monitor the situation of the virus during the first phase of ease in restrictions and it will be decided on June 5 if the country should enter the second phase of lifting the lockdown across the country. The coronavirus is expected to return for a second wave later this year and the authorities have already started to work on preparations to contain another possible outbreak.

The fall in the death toll is a hope for the public as the spread of coronavirus in Ireland has been under control.

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