Health Experts Suggest “Green Recovery” to Overcome Coronavirus Pandemic after-effects 

The after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic are being considered by the health experts around the world and the medical experts have advised the global leaders to come forward and ensure an environmental recovery policy from the coronavirus pandemic. A green recovery has been suggested to control air pollution and other climate problems.

Around 40 million medical and health experts from 200 organizations signed a petition that was sent to G20 leaders along with the chief medical advisors. The letter mentions the premature deaths of around 7 million globally which are credited towards air pollution.

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The letter also emphasizes that the chief medical officers as well as the chief scientific advisors should take direct control of the package that will be designed to take account of the public health and the environmental pollution problems. It is also pointed out that environmental degradation can lead to more outbreaks of infections in the future.

The health workers have also demanded reforms in the fossil fuel subsidy and renewable energy should be considered as the greenhouse gases will be decreased and also contribute to cleaner air. It is also expected that this measure will lead to an economic spur of almost $100tn within the next 30 years.

The health experts have addressed the issue of air pollution in the letter saying that the coronavirus pandemic has a bigger impact since environmental pollution already harmed public health. The letter also mentions that the death rate of this magnitude is seen for the first time in decades since the health system of the communities is already crumbling.

The letter states that the severe effects of the coronavirus pandemic could have been prevented if the community health was in better condition. According to the studies, air pollution might have a role in causing a massive death rate due to COVID-19. However, scientists are yet unsure if environmental pollution is directly linked to worsening the effects of the novel virus. Since the industries are returning to business, the risk of pollution is returning after a decreased level of air pollution was observed during the lockdown.

During the lockdown across several countries, a decrease in the carbon dioxide emission by 17% was observed daily. If the world returns to normalcy, the annual reduction of 4% carbon dioxide emission will be observed which will not make much difference in the environmental crisis.

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Some of the countries have also considered green recovery in response to the coronavirus pandemic by investing in systems that do not emit as much greenhouse gases and provide improved cycling lanes to the public.

The president of the World Medical Association, Miguel Jorge said that in this state of emergency, the health experts have been observing the crisis at the root and the authorities have failed to respond quickly which resulted in a massive loss of lives. He also said that to ensure a safer planet for sustaining a healthy life, the system should be protected from further damage and green recovery is a way to do it.

The letter highlights the importance of green recovery and it has been sent to world leaders for approval and implementing a better approach for improving the environment after the coronavirus pandemic. 

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