How to Safely Celebrate Valentine’s Day During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Like all festive events from the past year, Valentine’s day in 2021 is going to be a lot different than it was prior to the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of going out for fancy dinner, gifts, and celebrations, experts are suggesting people look for alternative ways to enjoy that are also safe.

Although the excitement over V-day this year is not as high as before, there are a lot of people who may go out of their way to celebrate. For instance, young adults are more likely to go to gatherings with their partners or parties.

On the other hand, older adults who are married or are experiencing high levels of stress due to different effects of the pandemic may not be eager to buy or receive chocolates and gifts in the coming week.

According to experts, both behaviors are not healthy and safe. People should definitely celebrate the event but not in conventional ways. Instead, opt for new ideas that are both budget and coronavirus-friendly.

This also goes for people who are having difficulties in managing stress since a little distraction from problems at work and home can help in relaxing.

Not celebrating and thinking consistently about issues will result in negative mental and physical health outcomes.

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Therefore, try and engage in activities including re-arranging the house. Since the majority of people have shifted to online work, house arrangements are based on making space for work or online school.

Try and change this a day before or on valentine’s day to surprise your partner. Small v-day themed decorations and other accessories such as candles or lights can be ordered online and be used to create a romantic atmosphere.

Similarly, ordering chocolate and flowers at home or sending them to your partner’s house is also a big gesture during the current times. If the budget for celebration is tight, an affordable way to express love is by simply writing a note or letter and exchanging it over dinner.

Read CDC’s guide to holiday celebration here.¬†

However, if the thought of doing something on valentine’s day seems like unnecessary pressure, have a conversation with your partner and skip any celebration. Keep in mind it is all about relieving stress and having fun together.

Also, do not forget people who have lost their loved ones to the virus and are away from their families. Even if you are single, think about love differently this year and plan the day with children or parents at home or with a friend.

Video calling and talking over the phone can also help people join in the celebration safely. Skip any large gatherings or parties on valentine’s day as it can significantly increase the risk of catching and spreading the infection.

As the new variants of coronavirus are spreading, it is especially important to stay cautious and follow guidelines from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention strictly even when going out in order to avoid contracting the virus.


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