How to get rid of Bad Breath Instantly Before Going to a Date?

get rid of Bad Breath Instantly

Bad breath is a common problem that could show up after eating garlic, onions, and heavy spices. But this bad breath could be a real-time problem when you have a date right away. Here are a few tips to get rid of the bad breath instantly without doing much effort. These tips are suggested by Anna Middleton who is the founding person of “London Hygienist”

Dental hygiene and care

Most people who often experience a bad breath usually have an underlying condition of gums. Other signs confirming a gum disease include bleeding in gyms, bad taste, or pain in the mouth. These diseases are typically caused by plaque buildup due to ignoring dental hygiene. Always pay attention to your oral health to avoid gum disease and the associated bad breath.

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Hydrate your body

Dehydration can also cause a person to have bad breath. Not drinking enough water gives a chance to the bacteria to live and divide causing bad breath. Make sure to drink water every few hours and try to keep a reusable bottle in your bag. While planning a big date, start paying attention to your hydration in advance to get rid of bad breath instantly.

Don’t stress out

Stress could affect the dietary and water intake of any person leading him to have a dry mouth and foul-smelling breath. It is also possible to breathe through the mouth instead of the nose during the stressful time, which is why never stress out especially before a date. Try the stress-relieving exercises, yoga, and other meditative practices to calm down.

Dietary intake

Usually, reducing the carbs and substituting them with fat (keto diet) can accumulate ketones in the body. These ketones are acetones and could make breath stink. Therefore it is necessary to consult a nutritionist before following any diet plan.

Limit caffeine intake

Not many people know but the caffeine in coffee can also cause bad breath. It could make the mouth to get dry which explains why some people feel more thirsty after sipping coffee. The dry mouth allows bacteria to freely multiply in the mouth resulting in a foul odor mouth. Caffeine in chocolate can also cause the same. In any case, try using tea instead of coffee before a date or drink plenty of water. The sugar-free gums and peppermints can also help to get rid of bad breath instantly.

Watch out for medicines

Many medicines also dry the mouth leaving the person with really bad breath. Some of these medicines include hypertensive medicines, sleeping pills, antihistamines, antidepressants, etc.

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Don’t smoke

Tobacco and tobacco products can also make breath stink and cause irritation in the gums. It is necessary to stop smoking at least a few hours before the date to get rid of a foul-smelling breath.

Don’t skip meals

While it is common to skip meals in excitement or stress, but either way, it is not good for health and breath. Avoiding food intake can affect the natural saliva production which triggers bacterial growth in the mouth.

Avoid alcohol

Everyone knows that alcohol plays as a diuretic. It can dehydrate a person and the dry mouth hinders in the freshness of breath. Try to avoid taking alcohol before the date and use peppermints after drinking alcohol.



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