Getting a Haircut is Beneficial for Mental Health

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The cliche for getting a haircut after losing a job or ending a relationship persists even in the modern-day world. For many people, the practice is silly and promotes unhealthy behaviors. However, some may view it as a way to welcome change in life, even if it is a trivial step.

For health experts, the practice of cutting hair can actually mean more than just spending money to relieve pain temporarily. In fact, some experts suggest that something as little as getting a hair can be beneficial for the mental health of a person.

Mental disorders such as anxiety and depression are one of the leading health-related problems in the younger generation. Statistically, Millenials and Generation Z adults are much more prone to developing mental health problems.

This is due to a number of factors, the leading one being related to economic changes. At the moment, the level of economic uncertainty among young adults in much higher than it was two or three decades ago.

Overworking and high-stress levels are, therefore, common consequences of thriving for economic stability. In addition, working multiple jobs also leaves no room for other activities that are a requirement for stable mental health.

For instance, the majority of young adults do not find time to engage in physical activity or exercise. Consequently, they are more likely to be overweight or develop obesity over time, which, in turn, cause other issues in the long-term.

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Secondly, healthy social contact and engagement with friends and family are also important for mental health. However, both require time and effort. For most, making time and putting in the effort is difficult due to tight schedules.

Keeping the factors that make the life of young adults different from the previous generations, health experts suggest even trivial activities can help. Therefore, activities such as getting a haircut, going to the spa, or simply taking a day off and staying home are beneficial.

Even though many would not believe how hair can boost mental health, salon experts themselves agree to the change hair can make. According to hairdressers and stylers, it is an established fact that people tend to feel good when they look good.

The administrative director of behavioral health at UHS, Alan Wilmarth, further emphasizes that getting a haircut can boost confidence levels. It can instantly make a person feel better and improve mental health instantly.

Wilmarth also points out that the beneficial effect of getting a haircut is the primary reason for relationships formed between clients and salon experts. Most of the experts can, at times, act as a therapist to many clients.

In addition, they have to make sure that the clients are satisfied and feel better after getting their hair done. Overall, the spa salon can be a place to feel more connected and relaxed for many people.

This shows that the decade long depiction of cutting hair after a loss is actually not a wrong one. For making oneself feel better, getting a haircut may just be the right choice. Not only does it represent change but it can help in recovering the lost confidence levels.


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