Food Safety Advocates Cite E. Coli Cases As Proof for Current Outbreak

A law firm Pritzker Hageman has a legal team for food safety, and it is responsible for tracking foodborne diseases and pandemics all across the United States. This also includes the ongoing E coli endemic which is related to a romaine lettuce that has grown in the Salinas region in California.

A heavy amount of extremely sick patients with their attorneys are showing a considerable concern regarding the case.

The outbreak could be one of the most lethal E. coli outbreaks coming in the recent year according to food safety attorneys. Moreover, the amount in percentage of individuals having admitted to different hospitals and those who have developed serious kinds of complications is a lot greater than the usual number of people.

The development of severe complications is going on at a fast rate that is actually a lot more than others. Some things increase the danger of bacteria. There are a few things that further complicate things. The Shiga toxin that can cause intestinal deterioration and hemolytic uremic syndrome which is a blood disease leading to the failure of kidney.

The E. coli also produces the Shiga toxin that makes it even more dangerous. In the most usual cases, the typical Shiga toxin that produces E. coli has a very low occurrence rate.
Till November 22, 2019, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention had diagnosed 40 people that became victim of the ongoing outbreak.

Out of those 40 individuals, HUS cases were 5 and hospitalized cases were 28 in number. That would be the 3 times of the average rate of the HUS that was expected from the E coli outbreak.

On the other side of the story, the team for legal food safety at the Pritzker Hageman has given into contact through a huge number of additive HUS struck victims that are not yet counted in the official count. This has ultimately led the team for a conclusion that this strain of the bacteria has a lot more virulence in comparison to the typical strain of the E coli bacteria.

It ultimately leads to the fact that the end consumers, especially children under 12 and older citizens that have high exposure to E coli tainted products might be at a much greater risk that will be more than the expectations of experts.

There has been a rapid increase in the number of E coli outbreak cases linking to romaine lettuces that includes a call for the dietary food before Thanksgiving previous year. However, the industry has not adapted rapid actions for efficient tracking systems that will be responsible for speeding up tracing the contaminated products according to the source.


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