Flu Shots May Help Decrease Coronavirus Mortality Rates

coronavirus mortality rates

Since the beginning of the year, the coronavirus pandemic has been responsible for a tremendous increase in deaths in the US as well as other affected countries. The toll is now also expected to go further up with the start of fall and colder weather. However, health experts suggest one way to reduce coronavirus mortality rates – getting a flu shot.

Flu vaccinations help in the prevention of hundreds of deaths and hospitalizations in the US each year during winters.

For people who have underlying medical conditions and are of older age, health experts emphasize the need for getting the vaccine on time as it can avoid health complications and visits to the hospital.

This year, doctors state that the significance of getting a flu shot is even higher than before because of the ongoing health crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic, which has already strained healthcare systems of nearly all affected countries around the world, is going to make flu season this year much more challenging comparatively.

Not only are most of the hospitals out of space and capacity for accomodating new patients but are also experiencing additional problems of convincing people to get a vaccination for the flu season ahead.

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This is because of the fear of contracting the coronavirus from hospital settings or the doctor’s clinic. While experts did suggest people to cut down time spent outdoors and avoid going out unnecessarily, they also emphasized the need for getting fundamental medical procedures done and visiting for checkups.

Delaying appointments and skipping procedures, according to doctors, can lead to multiple, dangerous consequences on health. However, many are not just skipping getting essential vaccination but also keeping their children from getting them.

This can pave the way for the outbreak of multiple diseases in children and adults alike the next few weeks as children returning to school, college, and work as well as the beginning of the colder months soon.

Since adults are more likely to contract and develop more associated complications of the coronavirus infection, flu vaccinations are the primary cause of concern at the moment.

In addition to the risk of further strain on the healthcare system due to the increase in incoming patients, there is also another concern of patients who have both coronavirus and flu at the same time.

At the moment, doctors have received reports of patients who have developed both of the infections. Though there is little research on the possible health outcomes of having both of the infections, it is assumed that they can be life-threatening especially for at-risk groups.

Since both of the diseases are respiratory, they can cause a big number of problems. Therefore, it is very important for all people, especially those in vulnerable groups, to get a flu shot this year on the recommended time.

This way, the further burden on hospitals can be avoided and coronavirus mortality rates can be stopped from increasing further. Along with getting a vaccination, it should also be noted that following guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus are equally important.

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