Double Masking Provides Maximum Protection Against Covid-19: CDC

double masking

Wearing a face mask is the new normal after the coronavirus spread all over the world. Meanwhile, researchers are constantly looking for ways to limit the spread of the virus and other preventive measures. CDC recently released data that shows double masking provides significant protection against the coronavirus.

According to the researchers, the placement of a surgical mask under a cloth mask improves the level of protection. Also, this combination prevents nearly 92% of infectious particles from releasing out of the double layers of the mask. The two masks collectively reduce the chance of leakage and also provide a tighter fitting to prevent the spread of the virus.

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The director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky briefed the White House about the recent data. Dr. Walensky said that the experimental data obtained shows that everyone needs to wear a mask in a public gathering.

Also, the CDC recommends wearing face masks with at least two layers that cover the nose and your mouth entirely. The mask should also have a proper fit against your face to eliminate any chance of leakage of infectious particles.

The commonly available medical grade surgical masks do not provide a proper fit against the face and allow the flow of unfiltered air. According to the CDC knotting the masks can help prevent the leakage of particles and air through the mask. This simple modification in the surgical mask can make it more useful and effective against the coronavirus.

The data provided by the CDC shows that the knotted surgical mask can block the escape of 63% of potentially infectious particles. Meanwhile, an unknotted masks only prevents the escape of 42% of infectious particles. This easy technique can increase the efficacy of these masks several times.

The CDC also mentioned that they used a cloth mask on a simple surgical mask in this study. Therefore, they did not test any other combinations such as double cloth masks or double surgical masks. The data clearly shows the benefits of double masking during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Walensky said that these new recommendations do not change the previous guidelines issued by the CDC. Meanwhile, this new data only provide additional information to enhance your protection against the virus.

The novel coronavirus causes a new infection so researchers are learning new things about this virus every day. Therefore, the guidelines and recommendations change or modify over time. The latest and updated information helps the public become more aware of the ways to prevent contracting coronavirus.

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The importance of face masks increased significantly after researchers pointed out that the coronavirus spreads from asymptomatic carriers as well. Also, the trend of wearing a face mask, be it a cloth or medical mask increased significantly over the past months.

Previously, people were hesitant to wear a mask at all times which contributed to the spread of coronavirus. However, with time more people observe the guidelines set by the experts to minimize the spread. Moreover, experts also suggest double masking to eliminate maximum exposure to the novel coronavirus.

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