Doctors Share a New Sign of COVID-19 that Shows up Early- Nose Irritation

nose irritation COVID-19

There are so many symptoms of COVID-19 and every patient randomly experiences a few of them. It is hard to find out the disease at an early stage because the virus takes nearly one week to shows its standard signs of loss of smell, difficulty in breathing, dry cough, etc. The researchers from the University of Barcelona, Spain have come up with another warning sign which may show up earlier than all other symptoms. Based on information obtained from the COVID-19 patients, they confirm that most of them experienced a strange irritation in the nose before getting all other signs of COVID-19.

Feeling some sensation or irritation in the nose can be confused with flu or allergy but if there are no other conjoining conditions, there is a high chance that it is COVID-19. This study is now published inĀ medRxiv.

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The lead researcher of this study Jordi Navarra says that early nasal irritation signs in COVID-19 patients can help to confirm their diagnosis earlier and start treatment. The person who is experiencing this symptom should immediately socially isolate himself and get medical help.

This new symptom came up after analyzing data from 35 COVID-19 positive patients who were asked to describe their symptoms. The information obtained from them showed that 68% of them experienced nasal symptoms including nasal dryness and strange irritation.

These nasal signs were much more intense in COVID-19 patients than in the controlled group. On the basis of their severity, the researchers identified them as early signs of COVID-19, along with loss of smell/taste and dry cough. These symptoms can last up to 12 days.

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Even after the new information has been coming out on identifying coronavirus in early stages, certain countries, including the UK, are only focusing on three primary symptoms for suspecting coronavirus. These three symptoms are;

  1. The patient experiencing a high fever
  2. A continuous and persistent dry cough
  3. A partial or complete loss of sense of smell and taste or both

While these three symptoms are widely attached to COVID-19, using the latest data obtained from the patient’s evaluation is more needful.

People who suspect contracting the virus should immediately isolate themselves at home and avoid going out or meeting people. They can opt for an early COVID-19 test but in most cases, people choose to wait till more symptoms appear.

The health experts advise seeking emergency medical care if the symptoms go worse especially breathing difficulties. Those who have an underlying medical condition or suffering from a lung infection should speak to a doctor immediately to evaluate the risk. While others can stay home and take a healthy diet for the next 14 days. Do not go in public, interact with people, and touch common surfaces.

If you are an allergy patient, try taking an anti-allergy to see if this nasal irritation goes away. In case it does not, continue your 14 days of self-isolation before showing up in public and meeting people.




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