CryoLife Achieved CE-Mark For E-nay Stent Graft System To Repair Lesion Of Aortic Disease

CryoLife Inc. announced today that the company has received the CE Mark for E-nay stent graft system which is developed to repair the lesion of the descending thoracic aorta, thoracic aorta aneurysms, and related dissections. E-nay thoracic stent graft system will be developed in Hechingen, Germany at the company’s facility. The report was published in ATLANTA on Dec 2, 2019.

CryoLife Inc. is a company that deals with the treatments of disease related to endovascular and thoracic aorta complications. It is the leading company in the market for manufacturing. Processing and distribution of the implantable tissues and medical equipment that are used in treating the cardiac patients and every type of vascular surgeries that are mainly done to repair the aorta.

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The company is selling and commercializes its products all over the world mainly in 100 countries. Its headquarter is located in Suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Pat Mackin, President, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer at CryoLife that there will be a high ratio of the aortic diseases in the coming generation and we have a very low solution profile for treatment and diagnosis. It is a pleasing moment for us to receive the CE Mark for the e-nay thoracic stent graft system to treat the patients with aorta disease and CVDs.

It is a multipurpose graft available in the market that gives many options to the physicians to control and treat the various anatomies either they are simple or complicated. It is exciting to introduce this EU system in the European market that will strengthen our position as a leading company and give us more chances to grow in the EU aortic market.

The largest portion of the disease-related to thoracic aorta consists of aortic aneurysms and related dissections. it has an estimation of 600 million dollars in the global market including all the companies and health care centers across the world. The majority of the patients who suffer from the aortic disease and other CVDs may get treatment with minimally invasive endovascular stent-grafts.

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E-nay provides a vast number of options for treating the patients at the broader level by building JOTEC’s experience in the thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) market. While attaining the ideal outcomes, the system offers the covered proximal configuration and bare spring along with the tip capture technology, which improves the control and predictability during the placement.

JOTEC’s expertise gets influence by the low-profile graft material related to textile manufacturing. So, the system is designed to enhance the long-term durability and flexibility in conformance

According to Prof. Alexander Oberhuber, who is the Chief of Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital of Munster in Germany that CryoLife or JOTEC developed an E-nay stent graft that is used to treat the generation in the future with the thoracic aortic diseases and pathologies.

This innovative combination developed with a totally redesigned stent graft and the latest delivery system. It enhances the flexibility of the system that permits surgeons to treat the vast number of patients with more complexities.

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