Couple Dies 50 minutes Apart From Coronavirus Complications

Coronavirus Complications

Last week, an elderly couple breathed their last breath together at Fort Worth hospital. The couple died from coronavirus complications, holding hands they passed away only 50 minutes apart.

Curtis Tarpley and wife Betty, aged 79 and 80 passed away at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital. The couple had been happily married for 53 years and were parents to Tim and Tricia.

Tim and Tricia, children of the deceased couple say they knew their parents didn’t have much time left with them before they passed away. They say their parents both had persisting health conditions that were showing no signs of improvement during treatment. The couple was mentally ready for the end.

Tricia remembers her mother’s words saying she never wanted to live to be 100 years old and thoroughly believed the world was temporary. She believed this world was only a stop for something even better that is yet to come. Tricia says her mother knew a better place was waiting and she was all right with that.

After the couple started to show signs for their health worsening, the hospital staff shifted them into the same room. They made sure Curtis and Betty were together as they neared the end of their lives.

Tricia says her parents’ bodies will be a donation to the University of North Texas Health Science Center for studies.

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The news of the couple’s death due to coronavirus complications comes just as states experienced a surge in cases following reopening. The numbers are going higher and hospital capacities are filling up faster.

Dr. Joseph Varon is a chief medical officer at United Memorial Medical Center. He says he’s been seeing patients severely sick on top of increased hospital admissions. He says these cases are appearing more and more in these previous three weeks than they did in the past ten weeks before this.

Deaths due to coronavirus complications are rising in states nationwide. Reports from CDC show, the US death toll has reached 128,024 and the total number of cases shows no signs of stopping. This news comes just as several states are choosing to reopen their economies. Despite previous lockdown restrictions limiting the extent of virus transmission, numbers seem to be rebounding after states continue to reopen.

Couples like Betty and Curtis face risks from coronavirus nationwide. Older people with persisting health conditions are susceptible to coronavirus. Matters become worse when people choosing not to abide by social distancing orders and take precautions that are beneficial in limiting transmission.

Data by CDC shows that among adults, the severity of illness grows exponentially with age placing older adults at a higher risk. CDC strongly advises that people reduce their chances of contracting coronavirus by limiting social interaction and take preventative measures seriously.

Preventative measures explained by CDC include washing your hands often and wearing a face covering or mask. COVID-19 transmissions take place, through respiratory droplets which is why wearing masks is important. In order to avoid more cases, preventative measures are going to be an important part of our arsenal against coronavirus.

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