Coronavirus Vaccine May Never Show Up and Lockdown Remains Forever, Warns a UK Expert

Despite dozens of countries working on finding coronavirus vaccine, an expert from the UK warns that it might never show up.  Dr. David Nabarro is a researcher and professor from Imperial College London who has made these warnings that coronavirus vaccine might never come forward. He says that all that is currently taking place is based on assumptions and there is nothing absolute and conclusive about it.

He has also shared his concern that the lockdown might become more of a “norm” than a temporary solution for controlling the viral spread. The professor shared this information while speaking to CNN.

He, later on, he explained it as there are so many viruses against which, we are unable to develop a vaccine. In the case of the coronavirus vaccine, it might be the same case. We can not make up our mind that a vaccine is near because there are high chances that it might never appear. Or even if it does, it might never pass the safety testing and efficacy reports.

He further explained that it is necessary for every society to get help against coronavirus especially the areas where it is a big and constant threat to public health. Not finding a permanent solution might drastically affect the social life and overall economic shift of the country.

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Currently, more than 100 teams including the research team of the University of Oxford are working on developing coronavirus vaccine. But it is too early to say if they are successful in it or not. In addition to this, Dr. Nabarro also said that probably there is no certainty on the status of these vaccines; they might work, they might not work at all.

This coronavirus production is not a competition that research centers and countries are putting against each other. Together, everyone is trying best to beat the deadly pandemic which might slowly kill the entire world, if not controlled.

It is also possible that all these “hopes” on coronavirus vaccine are shattered. Dr. Nabarro says that developing a vaccine is difficult and tricky because it’s like interacting with a whole biological system and not any mechanical system. There is no way to predict how would this viral body react while attempting to change its working.

These warnings by Dr. Nabarro have shared right after The University of Oxford reported collaboration with AstraZeneca, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies to work on coronavirus vaccine. Not just the development, large-scale manufacturing, and distribution of coronavirus vaccine is also a part of this collaboration. The vaccine is currently under the clinical trials in the UK and there is no news on its results.

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If these trials are successful, it would shift the whole world to get coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible. The human trials of this coronavirus vaccine made by the Jenner Institute have started last week. Hundreds of people have volunteered to be a part of this study where they would help to develop the coronavirus vaccine. This project has received nearly £20 million in funding by the UK Government.

There is no further news on the efficacy of any coronavirus vaccine for now but whenever any of this vaccine is developed and tested safe, there are chances that it might not reach every person. It has to be manufactured on a huge production scale, further ensuring the distribution of the vaccine to all parts of the world.


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