Coronavirus Updates: CDC Suggests New Rules for Holiday Season

holiday seaosn

The holiday season is just around the corner and the coronavirus pandemic is still here. The virus outbreak started at the beginning of the year and did not stop ever since. Experts suggest taking particular measures to avoid the surge in cases during this time.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently updated the guidelines for the upcoming holiday season. According to the CDC, people need to celebrate festivals differently this time.

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The coronavirus pandemic claimed nearly 200,000 American lives this year. Health experts also fear a high surge in cases if people gather like usual for celebrations. The CDC suggests avoiding such activities that can spread the virus during holidays. Thus, the agency asked people to look for alternate ways of celebration that are safe during this time.

There is almost a month left in Halloween. People seem excited about the holiday after a gloomy year amid Covid-19. However, several activities during Halloween can increase the risk of coronavirus spread. CDC suggests people opt for activities that are safer and do not pose any danger during a pandemic.

One of the main activities during Halloween include visiting people in the neighborhood for trick or treat. Other traditional activities include a costume party that can also risk the spread of infection. The agency suggests people minimize physical interaction among the holiday and prefer virtual parties. Also, the children can hunt for treats among their family members.

People should pay special heed to social distancing during this time. Crowds pose a higher risk of coronavirus spread and people should try to avoid huge gatherings. The experts classified the Halloween activities into moderate risk and high risk for coronavirus spread as well.

The activities with a medium risk of Covid-19 include the gathering of people in small groups for a costume party on Halloween night. Also, people can use already prepared candy bags and leave them at the door for children to take. This will help maintain social distance among them and reduce the risk of contracting the infection.

Some activities can cause a high risk of coronavirus spread. This includes haunted houses in closed places and huge gatherings. Also, people should avoid hayrides that include people other than family members.

CDC also issued guidelines for celebrating thanksgiving after Halloween. According to the agency, people can organize dinner with a limited number of people who can easily maintain distance. Also, this small gathering should only involve those who are members of the family and live within the same house.

People tend to travel a lot during the holiday season to meet their friends and family. However, this is not a wise approach during a global pandemic. The CDC also suggests people avoid traveling as much as possible during this period.

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A virtual dinner is a low-risk option for celebrating thanksgiving. People should also opt for shopping for gifts online rather than visiting overcrowded malls and shops. Other activities with a moderate risk of Covid-19 spread include a small family dinner in an open area. Hence, people can ensure social distancing outdoors instead of indoors.

The CDC recommends people to avoid any activities that can expose them to the virus. People should try to minimize the coronavirus spread during the holiday season by avoiding parades and races this year.

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