Contact-tracing Apps are Helpful to Control the Viral Spread

contact-tracing apps

The use of technological interventions can be helpful to control the coronavirus spread which is now proven through a new study. This study was a joint collaboration of Oxford University and Google finding that the contact-tracing apps are helpful to control the viral transmissions and COVID-19 deaths.

These results are heavily reassuring especially when most of the people suggested that these contact-tracing apps are only used by 60% of the population and may not be very helpful in controlling the virus. However, the research has proven that they are actually helpful.

These contact-tracing apps send notifications to the users who may have been already exposed and trace their contacts back. This way the researchers can find people who have probably given them the virus.

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Christophe Fraser from the University of Oxford says that they tried a number of digital devices that may help people in the UK. He also says that low to high-level exposure notifications significantly reduces the new coronavirus cases, hospitalization caused by severe symptoms, and death by the virus itself.

Most of the researchers in this study are workers of the “Alphabet” a parent company of Google. This company along with Apple has been working hard on the notification program during this on-going pandemic.

This study is based on the model followed in the three counties, all from Washington state. It found that even 15% of the public is involved in this intervention, which means an 8% reduction in the overall cases and 6% fewer deaths.

According to Fraser, if imposed nation-wide, this app can help to reduce all new cases and along with a rapid coronavirus detection test, the risk of infectious spread could be controlled. Only if this virus is controlled, people will be able to enjoy some of their most enjoyed activities like normal again. They will probably feel safer and going to work would be like normal. And of course, there would be no more loss of lives by the deadly COVID-19.

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It is necessary to know how these contact-tracing apps work. According to the researchers who have worked on this app says that only those who are in close contact with someone who has been recently diagnosed with the virus will be able to get the notifications.

Only those people who are in close proximity of any COVID-19 positive patient but less than 2m and that too for at least 15 minutes or more are at risk of getting the virus. Using digital interventions like these apps will help everyone to get more accurate information on a person’s contact and if any of them has gotten the virus.




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