You May Find the Love of Your Life Through Online Dating Apps (New Study)

online dating apps
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Dating apps are generally considered as ‘fun things’ and no one really believes that they will meet their soul mate through these apps. You may find people at these apps flirty or time passes, but a new study finds that these online apps may be the best way to find long-term commitments.

A survey-based on 3000 couples, all of whom met their partner through these dating apps explain that these online met couples share a deep romance and attachment which is sometimes a lot more than the traditionally met couples.

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This data was obtained by the University of Geneva (UNIGE) through the family survey data of 2018. All the couples included in this study were together for the last ten years or more.

Psychologists say that these apps are not always fun and flirt and may actually help people to find their soul mates. This study based on 3,235 adult couples, all of which were located in Switzerland and met through online dating apps were reportedly more likely to live together for a long as compared to other couples.

This survey also reported that women who are using different online dating apps such as Tinder are more interested in long-term goals i.e. raising a family as compared to people who are there to have sexual and social benefits only.

Its suggests that use of these dating apps may become a precursor to predicting a long term relationship, especially among diverse couple where both partners are extremely different from each other.

Before these apps became a thing, dating websites were highly trending to find partners online. According to this study, these online sites were a prime attraction for divorcees and people above 40 years of age.

The last ten years were extremely important in terms of changing trends. Easy availability, dependence, and excessive usage of the internet have changed the typical ways or the previous trends of how the couples usually met.

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These online dating apps are an easy way to find multiple meeting and dating opportunities and it takes no effort from both ends. All that it takes is to install the application on your device, set up your profile, and give yourself a chance to meet the most compatible people.

The study didn’t reveal if these couples had an intention to live together for the long or short term, with marriage or without marriage. Although marriage is still considered as a central point of every love/physical relation in Switzerland many couples prefer to live together without it.

Many women who were a part of this survey shared their desire for motherhood in the future and it is unusual among couples who meet online. This is unusual because the typical image of online dating and couples who meet online is that they are just passing time with each other and have no real interest in a long-term relationship.

The complete study findings are published in PLOS ONE last week.



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