Cluster Headache or Suicidal Headache?

suicidal headache

People regard any pain in head as a headache but cluster headache is different than any standard pain. It is rather a neurological condition which is also called “suicidal headache” as it is so intense that it can make a person thinking of suicide.

Cluster headache, as the name shows is a repetitive headache which is no less than labor pain, patients say. The duration of this pain could last for up to three hours. And it may hit a person multiple times a day. In addition to the pain, this suicide headache also causes teary eyes, nasal congestion, runny nose, and flu-like symptoms.

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Did you know that every, one in a hundred people is a victim of cluster headaches? Although it sounds like a rare health condition it is extremely common. Often it shows up in the patients of multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s as well.

One thing that makes it hard for the patient of this recurring cluster headache is that it has no treatment. Despite being a neurological condition, many patients fail to get a satisfactory treatment of this pain which is 100% accurate and effective.

The first reason for not getting the treatment is because their doctors are unable to diagnose it. It sounds weird but it is true. Sometimes it is not possible for a doctor, even an experienced doctor to distinguish between normal pain and suicidal headache.

When a doctor is not able to identify this particular type of headache, the patient suffers from severe consequences. The long delay in diagnosis and unnecessary medicines increases his risk of health problems.

It is hard to imagine that a simple-looking headache has all these challenges with is treatment even when a certified medical practitioner is there to help. As the episodes of cluster headache are intense, it needs a different treatment protocol, unlike migraine or any stress-linked headache.

All over the counter pain killers work fine for the common headaches. But if this pain is recurring and comes back several times a day, it makes it impossible to take painkillers every time. In addition to this, these painkillers are not completely free of the side effects. Taking them long might cause long term health damages.

That’s why the typical treatment of cluster or suicidal headaches is not the pain killers but the ‘nasal sprays’ or any ‘injectable medicine’. For many people, inhaling the oxygen under medical supervision also helps.

The difference in price between the primary and secondary healthcare is also a problem while treating cluster headaches. It is possible that the GP ignores the instructions coming from a neurologist when the patient is in secondary care. Most of the time it is because the GP thinks that any prescribed medicine by the neurologist is probably too expensive.

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It is necessary to raise awareness on this cluster or suicidal type of headache which could make a person’s life miserable. The misdiagnosing condition is one factor but the problem persists, even more, when the patient ignores it by himself. Sometimes he is unable to draw a pattern in these pain attacks. Also, he is unable to identify that this pain ‘always comes back’ after some time.

The work or academic stress could also increase the occurrence of this type of pain. In fact, even if the patient has no stress triggers, this constant episodes of pain could make him stressed and thus increases the intensity of pain.

In any case, it is necessary to take this recurring, cluster pain or suicidal pain seriously. Or else, it could make a person so depressed that he could take his life in extreme cases.



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