CDC Updates New Instructions For Coronavirus

Recently, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has launched new updates as the countries have proceeded to ease lockdown-related restrictions to avoid coronavirus spread at schools, offices, and businesses.

Though the new updates have been added without a formal announcement by CDC, they include a sixty-pages detailed document on how to decrease the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection as well as the risk of a second lockdown.

According to sources, the document appeared on the official website after the US government announced the lifting of the lockdown and re-opening of all businesses and institutions in some of the states.

Till now, the CDC has not given a single briefing regarding the coronavirus infection and has remained quiet in comparison with other health authorities.

In the sixty-pages document, the agency has recommended a three-phase approach to tackle the second wave of coronavirus.

Additionally, it also gives six indicators that can be used to track the progress of the coronavirus pandemic and to decide when to move towards the next phase.

For instance, some of the indicators can be a decrease in the number of visits to the emergency wards, fewer new cases of the coronavirus infection, and even a lower need for conducting tests for the infection.

Furthermore, the CDC emphasized on the higher risk of the second wave of coronavirus in the document in the words:

“While some communities will progress sequentially through the reopening phases, there is the possibility of recrudescence in some areas. Given the potential for a rebound in the number of cases or level of community transmission, a low threshold for reinstating more stringent mitigation standards will be essential.”

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In accordance with the new update, ending the lockdown does not mean that people do not have to practice social distancing anymore. Estimating when the social distancing policy can be eased is difficult.

This is because social distancing is fundamental to ensure there is no further coronavirus spread. If there are gatherings of more than ten people at homes, churches, and other places, it can significantly increase the risk of the second wave of coronavirus.

Therefore, social distancing has to be continued until there is enough scientific research to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.

According to the CDC, schools and child programs should continue to be delayed in the first phase of the purposed plan. It is only in the second phase that they can be allowed to re-open but that too only with better and improved social distancing measures.

On the other hand, bars and restaurants should remain closed. Takeaways can be opened as they are a far safer option. In all three phases, the CDC has emphasized the need for social distancing measures.

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to stay at least for another year. The upcoming months are very important as they can either help in effective control of the health crisis on time or prolong it.

With the implementation of effective preventive measures, the number of cases of coronavirus infection can be controlled to an extent and the risk of the second wave of coronavirus can be decreased.

However, if people do not follow instructions, it can pave the way for the coronavirus spread and cause a higher number of cases as well as fatalities. This means that the pandemic cannot be controlled unless there is a collective effort from the government and the people.

Therefore, all people should continue to follow the instructions until a vaccine or treatment is developed for coronavirus infection so that the health crisis can end as soon as possible.



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