The Brand New CBD Pillow Is Now Available Nationwide

CBD Pillow, which is a home-based company dedicated to manufacturing CBD pillows for improving sleep patterns, has recently announced that their product, a gel memory foam pillow, is now available worldwide in the market.

Cannabidiol, or what is popularly referred to as Cannabis, has been used in the treatment for many health conditions for many years. Though it was initially banned, it is increasingly becoming legal all over the world especially for its use in medical science.

CBD is one of the many compounds, also known as cannabinoids, which are present in the marijuana plant or Cannabis sativa. The compound primarily responsible for giving marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, since CBD is not psychoactive, it does not cause effects like THC does.

Previously, CBD was only available in the form of pills, powders, oil, capsules, or creams for a variety of different reasons. Research has shown that CBD, in the majority of its various forms, can be beneficial in many different ways.

For instance, research has shown that CBD can aid in improving the symptoms of anxiety and depression, has anti-tumor properties, may cut down the risk of developing diabetes, has anti-psychotic effects, can help in substance abuse treatment, and can also relieve different types of pain.

Now, the company CBD Pillow has introduced yet another innovative way of using CBD for health benefits. With the gel foam CBD pillow, any individual can improve his or her sleep cycles via the use of micro-dosing throughout the night.

Unlike other methods of using CBD, this method is safer in comparison. It also ensures a peaceful and sustained sleep all night long.

CBD in the pillow is added by using cutting edge technology in a procedure known as microencapsulation. In this process, microscopic drops of all-natural and safe CBD without any THC are added in the form of capsules in a layer to the covering of the pillow.

These capsules of CBD break down due to friction on the pillow caused by the movement. This allows high-quality CBD to be absorbed by the body through the skin and hair throughout the night, thus ensuring a good night’s sleep.

The CEO of CBD Pillow explains the motive behind the introduction of the pillow, saying “We were searching for a safe, natural solution to help people get the rest they so desperately need, and we found that solution in CBD. With the CBD Pillow, we can now provide the highest quality CBD, in the easiest, least intrusive way, so that everyone can experience the benefits of CBD,”

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He adds that “And with microencapsulation technology, we’ve pioneered a pillow that benefits everyone – from a seasoned CBD lover to a first-time tester.”

The gel memory form incorporated in the CBD pillow is certified by CertiPUR-US® and GREENGUARD Gold. Secondly, it is also hypoallergenic, and highly unlikely to cause any allergic reactions in the users.

During the third week of February, CBD Pillow will also be displaying its product at the USA CBD Expo (Booth #653) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.



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