Burger King Caught Changing Expiry dates on Burger Buns and Chicken Thighs

Burger King

Burger King is a popular American fast-food chain that has several branches operating worldwide. After the local Chinese media placed allegations on the food chain that it is adding the expired ingredients in the food they provide, the chain had to take to a public platform to formally apologize to its customers.

In China, the popular food chain has three outlets all in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangxi. These branches were claimed to have been using buns that had long expired as well as chicken thighs which were also not fresh.

The franchise in China, therefore, issued an apology formally to help fix its image. In China, the national health department is combing through all of its restaurants for much-needed health inspection.

Originally Restaurant Brands International (RBI) has ownership of the Burger King international but as far as these Chinese outlets are concerned, they are governed by Tab Food Investments (TFI). This restaurant operator is based in China as well as Turkey.

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CCTV made these accusations yesterday against the big US fast-food chain during a program based on consumer rights. The annual show first aired back in the year 1991. It can prove to be a source of great grief for both international as well as local brands as it dishes out facts that could put their businesses in great jeopardy. The program appears to have a significant impact on public relations and sales if a food chain or brand ends up on their list.

The matters appear to have grown worse for the chain because footage proves the alleged claim. The footage shows an employee in Nanchang ripping off labels indicating shelf life from a pack of outdated bread which they replaced with fresh labels.

CCTV also released online screenshots of reviews left by unsatisfied customers who had been previously launching complaints about the food quality at these restaurants.

On another outlet, an employee was seen replacing the label of expiry on meat. The state show also pointed fingers at these restaurants to have been using scarcely any pieces of tomatoes or cheese whilst assembling their burgers.

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In the screenshots that CCTV released statements that revealed that customers were unhappy with the quality of food being served in the restaurants.

As soon as the program aired, the American food chain was quick to address the situation. The Chinese outlet immediately released a statement of its own on social websites.

They wrote: ‘The Jiangxi restaurants mentioned in the report are under the same franchise. Their behaviors were seriously against our company value of ‘customers come first’.

They claimed they were very sorry to have betrayed the confidence of their customers and that the occurrence was all because of their management’s error in letting this happen.

The company says the three highlighted programs have been shut down for private investigations to better deal with the pressing matter.

After the program aired it prompted China’s health officials to begin inspections in the other food outlets of the chain that operated in most cities. Burger King also has outlets in Beijing and Shanghai; those outlets will also now be thoroughly checked.

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