Why aren’t Lie Detection Techniques Reliable?

lie detection Techniques
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Lie detection techniques are a part of one to one investigation, and interview technique which is used by intelligence and Police. This machine tells if the suspect is not speaking the truth and is hiding anything. But there is growing evidence that suggests that these machines are a hoax and they are actually helping these suspects to become better at lying, without getting caught.

A research team from the University of Portsmouth studied the effectiveness of the Model Statement, one of the most famous lie detection techniques, and compiled their results into a report. The complete study findings are published in the Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling. 

Experts are concerned that the use of lie detection techniques is no more helpful to find out the truth. That’s why the researchers are suggesting to review this technique for its help in a criminal investigation.

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Detecting lies is the foremost and most important part of an interrogation. Although science suggests that people often hesitate to tell a lie and most of the time their body language shows that they are lying. But in the case of these criminals, this may not be true. They are good liars which means they can easily deceive the lie detection techniques.

Investigators use various techniques during these interviewing to find out any possible clue which can lead them to the truth and use the lie detection technique in the best possible way. In a Model Statement technique, they make sure to prolong the conversations, in order to find out more clues hiding in the statements of these suspects. If their statements and answers are short, it may be impossible to find out underlying information.

There are many other lie detection techniques used for investigations but Model Statement is particularly famous for its high chances of success. However, this study shows that despite being a promising lie detection tool, Model Statement is not an ideal choice for a criminal investigation.

Cody Porter from the University of Portsmouth is the lead researcher and author of this study. According to Porter, the Model Statement Technique is no more significant in an investigation as it may help suspects to tell more believable lies. It may be impossible to tell if a person is lying or telling the truth using this technique.

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This is the first-ever evaluation of the Model System technique which was once thought to be essential for every criminal investigation. According to Porter, it may have been helped but right now, the criminal system needs more practical and accurate techniques in practice.

Previous evidence on the Model Statement technique shows mixed results. These statements may help the suspects to appear more trustful and trustworthy than reality. It may also encourage them to be better at lying.

The results also suggest that researchers have to find out new tools to identify between truth-tellers and these liars. Relying on verbal techniques alone is probably not sufficient and it is time to try a combination of techniques to catch liars.


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