American Journalist Claims Trump Knew About Dangers of Coronavirus

dangers of coronavirus

The president of the US, Donald Trump has been disregarding the dangers of the coronavirus since the start of the ongoing health crisis in February. The constant dismissal of the advice from the medical community and lack of actions have been deemed as the primary reasons for the worsening conditions of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Initially, reporters and media only highlighted the downplaying of the pandemic by the government as ‘nothing new’ or a continuation of Trump’s previous behavior about other matters and concerns. Others called the administration’s response to the crisis ‘ignorant’.

However, the famous journalist Bob Woodward has recently stated otherwise. According to Woodward, the president passed the so-called ‘ignorant’ remarks and made statements that dismissed the importance of taking early action on coronavirus intentionally.

More precisely, making statements about coronavirus not being dangerous was part of the plan to prevent widespread public panic regarding the pandemic.

Till now, it is only known that Woodward is working on and plans to mention this in his upcoming book on Donald Trump, which is known by the name ‘Rage’. The journalist claims that he has evidence to support his claim in the form of recordings.

Prior to releasing the recordings, a number of journalists along with Woodward had conducted various interviews of different people who work in the White House along with President Trump.

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In one of Woodward’s conversations with Trump, the president allegedly told him about the dangers of the coronavirus. The recently released recording shows Trump specifically mentions how the virus can spread easily just through the air, how fast can it spread from one person to another, and how deadly it is.

The recording is reportedly from the beginning of February when the president had stated that the virus is not ‘as dangerous’. While addressing the public in March, Trump said that the coronavirus infection is ‘just like flu’ and is likely to go away on its own by April.

In addition, it should also be noted that the medical community had also not confirmed that airborne transmission or spread through only air is possible.

Recently, Trump has also publically accepted that the evidence provided by Woodward is authentic and that he did intentionally dismiss the dangers of the coronavirus.

This raises multiple questions regarding the administration’s response to the pandemic. To this day, many Americans are not satisfied with the government’s lack of action for the control of coronavirus.

Woodward’s releasing of recording and Trump’s acceptance has now further confused the general public. Many people are now questioning the significance of the ‘strategy’ which was meant to avoid panic and was ‘successful’, as per the president’s words in his recent statement.

At the moment, the US has the highest number of cases around the world with over six million infections and a dangerously high death toll.

Trump’s words may have prevented panic at the beginning of the pandemic but it has also prevented millions of Americans from taking the problem seriously.

If the president had accepted the virus was dangerous, it would have helped in controlling its spread and infections would have been much lower than they are now.


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