Tokyo to Reimpose Lockdown After Coronavirus Spike in Japan

While the coronavirus pandemic accelerates around the world, some countries have managed to control transmission rates and death toll significantly. For example, coronavirus in Japan is much more controlled in comparison with the US. According to health experts, this may be due to the country’s fast response to the crisis.

Despite being close to China and several other Asian countries with a very high number of coronavirus cases, Japan’s total number remains to be extremely low. However, recently there has been a major outbreak in the country.

Nearly, two hundred and twenty-six cases of coronavirus infection were reported in a single day in Tokyo. The outbreak may make the government take additional steps for containing further transmission.

For instance, during the previous lockdown, economic support from the government was not available for clubs and bars. After the recent outbreak in Tokyo, this decision may change very soon.

According to health officials in the country, the majority of the new cases were younger adults in their 20s and 30s. More precisely, around eighty percent of the cases were of people from younger age groups.

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These cases were reported after mass testing of three thousand people in Tokyo’s famous nightlife areas such as Ikebukuro and Shinjuku. Therefore, it is likely that most of the people contracted the virus while going to clubs or bars.

In order to stop the further transmission of the virus, the Tokyo metropolitan government plans on paying bars, nightclubs, and other similar businesses around 4,670 USD or 500,000 yen to stay in lockdown for a time period of at least ten days.

Additionally, the government will also pay 934 USD or 100,000 yen to hosts and hostesses working in such establishments to stay at home and self-isolate if they test positive for coronavirus infection.

Kaori Koga, who is a spokesperson for the Japan Night Entertainment Business Association, recently stated that nightclubs and similar businesses are taking all precautions to prevent the further transmission of coronavirus.

However, the ten-day lockdown and new outbreak is going to harm all people and establishments alike. At the same time, many people rely on jobs at such establishments to earn and survive. Therefore, the association is asking the government to support the entertainment businesses, Koga said.

After the surge of new infections in Tokyo, the total number of cases of coronavirus in Japan is now over seven thousand. Although it is much lower in comparison with other countries, it is still dangerous and should be controlled on time.

Prior to the new record high, the previous record was of two hundred and four cases. All of these were recorded during the early days of the pandemic in Japan.

A few days later, a strict lockdown was imposed for a long period of time, which controlled the spread of coronavirus in Japan successfully.

This weekend, the country was also to start sports leagues once again with easing on restrictions regarding gathering. A total of five thousand people will be allowed in the stadiums. However, the recent outbreak may urge the government to reconsider its reopening plans.


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