AAP Releases New Guidelines for Sports During Coronavirus Pandemic

Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated and added a new set of instructions for children returning to fields for playing and practicing different sports during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the new guidelines, the method of practice and the type of sport a child chooses to play plays a fundamental role in the prevention and transmission of the coronavirus infection.

Therefore, children or caregivers are urged to follow and keep a strict check on a child’s routine and follow specific recommendations in order to provide maximum protection from the virus.

In addition, the AAP also suggests asking questions regarding the place and the way of practice as well as keep an eye on whether the benefits of playing a sport are more than the potential drawbacks.

For instance, children with underlying health issues including diabetes, heart disease, and others are advised to avoid playing any kind of sports during the coronavirus pandemic as they are more vulnerable to catching the virus as well as developing a severe form of the disease.

Although some people may argue that the debate regarding the severity of coronavirus infection in children is still going on, doctors from around the world have reported several cases of severe infection and even death in children.

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Many such children are also noted to have existent health conditions including obesity and diabetes. Secondly, many states in the US are also reporting an increase in cases of coronavirus in children.

During the mid of July, the Florida Health Department had reported more than twenty-three thousand infections in children since the beginning of the crisis in February.

Instead of decreasing, the number increased significantly in the coming few weeks and rose to over thirty-one thousand rapidly, by the end of July, which suggests that the transmission rate of coronavirus in children is even higher than before.

Therefore, while there are mixed views on coronavirus in children, it is better to stay safe and take early precautions rather than getting treatment for the virus after contracting it.

Parents should consider multiple factors before deciding to send their children to play for sports. For example, it is mandatory to see whether the chosen area of practice has a high number of cases.

The child’s ability to maintain distance and play safely can also make a big difference. Some children adapt better than others and can be trusted to stay safe.

Additionally, outdoor sports including football, tennis, golf, and baseball are less risky than indoor sports as the risk of airborne transmission is lower in open public spaces and it is easier for children to maintain social distancing while playing or practicing.

If the academy holding practices and sports are observing strict restrictions for the infection, the risk for the spread is automatically lower.

The new guidelines for AAP encourage parents to ask a question and ensure their child’s safety before sending them to play as well as talk to their children themselves and make them understand the importance of following safety instructions.

If all instructions are followed correctly, it is comparatively much safer to send children for sports during the coronavirus pandemic.

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