A Traditional Medicine from China May Treat COVID-19 Infection

traditional medicine china

When coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan city of China, the whole world went into a deep panic and various researchers and pharma companies started their work on finding a cure. Even after passing one year, the question on the origin of this virus is still not clear, also there is no treatment or medicine to kill this virus. It encourages people to try different remedies and recently, one of these remedies, a traditional treatment from China has been proved to relieve COVID-19 symptoms.

This study is published in the journal of Phytotherapy Research.

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A collaborative study between Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and the researchers from Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine found the potential of traditional medicine from China to treat COVID-19 patients. This medicine is called Yinqiao powder which can reportedly relieve severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Yinqiao powder is a natural powder that is used to treat different types of respiratory infections, including pulmonary fibrosis. It is an immune booster and can provide protection against viruses. Its taste is extremely bitter but it is highly aromatic which makes it easy to distinguish. In addition to the respiratory problems, it also relieves fever, sore throat, body pain, and other general symptoms that typically hit COVID-19 patients.

 The research team was able to identify the active ingredients inside yinqiao by using high-pressure liquid chromatography. These ingredients include quercetin luteolin, naringenin and eriodictyol and many others, all of which have the potential to fight against the deadly coronavirus. The purpose of this study was to find out the potential of yinqiao powder to relieve the COVID-19 patients.

Based on the results, the research team concluded that yinqiao powder can be helpful to get rid of COVID-19 symptoms fast. This process involved various pathways including MAPK signaling pathway, Toll-like receptor signaling pathway, TNF signaling pathway, and T-cell receptor signaling pathway.

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The research team has also suggested practically use Yinqiao powder in treating COVID-19 patients to improve recovery. Contrary to modern medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) focuses more on prevention and protection than treating a condition. Still, traditional medicine is preferred over modern medicine in many parts of China and their treatment plans for all common diseases including COVID-19 appear to be a success.

The idea of traditional Chinese medicine is over 2000 years old which works on the wellbeing of humans, and usess plant-based formulations to prevent the infection in early stages. It gives a reason that this new remedy may save people from the virus when used in the initial stages, however, it is not clinically proven yet.

There is sufficient data on Yinqiao powder describing its role as an antitussive and expectorant agent which improves, acute lung injuries as well as lung function and saves people from pulmonary fibrosis. It also improves a person’s immune response especially towards viruses and makes sure that the body doesn’t have to experience the side effects of modern medicines.

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