3/4th of COVID-19 Survivors Suspect Long-term Results of the Virus

COVID-19 Survivors

More than three-quarters of the COVID-19 survivors who attended Southmead Hospital at Bristol report that they experienced the symptoms again after three months of complete recovery. The complete study details of this recurring infection are published in the preprint server of medRxiv.

The North Bristol NHS reveals that more than 81 out of the 110 patients discharged after recovering the infection are experiencing the common symptoms i.e. fatigue, pain, etc again. Many of them experienced an overall reduced quality of life. This news is frustrating especially when the whole public is trying to manage a normal life after being hit with the worst disease.

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These results showed up as a part of the DISCOVER project (DIagnostic and Severity markers of COVID-19 ) which is a unique study designed to find out the long-term threats associated with COVID019.

Dr. Rebecca Smith from the North Bristol NHS Trust shares that there is not much information to predict the effects of COVId-19 in the longer run. However, this study has highlighted some of the potential effects which COVID-19 survivors may experience.

There is a lot that is unknown about the long term effects of COVID-19 but this study has tried to divert attention to them. It is the time that doctors look towards the side effects of the disease in COVID-19 survivors. It will not only help all these people who are scared about the return of coronavirus but also help researchers to formulate long term beneficial medicines and treatment plans.

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Going through the risk evaluation and the challenges which may affect the quality of treatment may help understand the long-term effects of COVID-19 in its survivors.

Dr. David Arnold from the North Bristol NHS Trust is leading this DISCOVER project. According to him, the coronavirus patients often tell them about how they are experiencing the symptoms, or their life quality is compromised. he also says that abnormalities in terms of medical scans and any breathing test are rare. But working on the DISCOVER project will reveal why is this happening and how to make this situation better for the coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus survivors are advised to pay attention to their lifestyle, diet, and exposure to people. according to the doctors, they should be more concerned after the virus leaves their body because if the recurring infection is a true thing, it may also put everyone around the patient in risk, as he may still be able to infect them.

The researchers working on DISCOVER are proud to make a contribution towards a better future after the pandemic ends. It aims to enable all physicians to effectively treat their patients making sure that the symptoms don’t come after some time. However, it will require a complete understanding of this disease and of course, a better treatment plan.

These findings produced by the DISCOVER project will also acknowledge NHS’s efforts for helping everyone in need. The public support and awareness may help these researchers to work on something which will collectedly help all people.


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