You Can Have a Heart Attack Even if You Are Seemingly Healthy

heart attack

You may think you are healthy but a heart attack can creep up on even the seemingly healthy individual or so we learn from the case of A woman aged Forty who ended up in an emergency situation.

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On a pleasant skiing day with family Kelly Kleiner suddenly felt unsettlingly warm and retired to a restroom at a lodge after she began to feel nausea and inexplicable pain.

After a few minutes passed, her daughter discovered Kelly frantically taking off all of her clothes in an attempt to feel less warm. Kelly says she felt as though time was frozen.

It all began when her Husband Matt slipped during skiing and Kelly attempted to help her husband to his feet. In an instant, there was a strange popping sensation in her arm and suddenly there was an intense pain growing through it. At first, she suspected she dislocated her arm.

When she lay on the floor of the restroom she continued dwelling on that suspension. Shortly after the medic reached her, he found that he could not identify a pulse in her arm, and what remained of the pulse in her other arm was hardly detectable and weak. This raised the medic’s concerns and he made her husband drive her immediately to a nearby emergency unit.

Kelly says she could hardly sit still from the intense pain that she was experiencing. Later when she recovered, her family recounted to her how she appeared to be hearing sounds of voices that were not there. She however had no recollection of that moment. What she remembers is how the emergency staff attendants responded to her and how they connected her immediately to some machine.

Even as the emergency room frantically began to treat her, Kelly only thought of her two daughters and how scary the scene might’ve seemed to the two of them. Amid all of this, she made a point to ask anyone around to let her daughters know she was safe. The message however could not be given because she wasn’t safe and she was experiencing a heart attack due to a fully blocked artery leading to her heart, the anterior artery in question provides blood to the left and front side of a human heart.

While Kelly did not doubt the experts taking her case she wanted to believe they were incorrectly diagnosing her because she did not feel the tell-tale pain one experiences in their chest before an attack.

Since the doctors at the emergency unit did not have the equipment needed to operate on the kind of heart attack she was having, they sent Kelly in a helicopter to a hospital in Topeka at Kansas.

She explained the pain to feel as though there was something heavy moving on it to and fro at the top of her arm. At some point, she even asked to amputate it.

The cardiologist that took on her case was Dr. Thomas J. Doyle.  He discovered Kelly’s arteries to be healthy except the one anterior descending artery that was alarmingly blocked. He could not seem to identify why that happened.

He remarked that experts usually discover such cases to come about in seemingly healthy individuals.

Kelly however had the disease running in the family, both her grandfather, cousin and two uncles all passed away due to heart disease.

Although during the procedure, Kelly was sedated, she was still awake and still remembers the cardiologist speaking to her as he opened up the blocked artery and added 2 stents.

She recalls it as instantly relieving.

Doyle explains why it is important to reach a hospital immediately since the major amount of heart muscle is damaged within the first two hours. If the heart muscle dies it cannot be saved. Doyle’s advice holds great importance because waiting on things to get worse while the symptoms appear may prove lethal and therefore people should know when to call it an emergency.

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