Why Is Having Dense Breasts A Thing of Concern?

Dense breasts can increase the probability of having breast cancer in women. The reason follows, where regulatory bodies and health care are recommending people to get tested for the possibility. If the mammogram shows positive results for dense breast tissues, it could be an indication for breast cancer.

New research suggests that the chances for a woman to have breast cancer are exceedingly high and call for an action made by health care providers to inform the women if they have dense breast tissue.

The objective behind notifying about dense breast tissues is to get the women having the condition get more vigilant about the situation and be in open communication with her health care provider. The provider would be able to let her know if she is on a risk of getting breast cancer. A woman might get some suggestions on the screening of her breast for cancer probability.

The research indicated that less than 50 percent of the women considered that dense breasts might be an indication for more cancer probability. This case held on to if the women needed notifications regarding having dense breasts.

The scientists concluded if the messages were easier and convenient for the women to comprehend.

Communications regarding health come with the intention to let the patients know about the cancer screening that will result in carefully developing via continuous lab practices that will make sure that the required results for the sake of improved knowledge and updates, more awareness, and open conversation with the medical practitioners are fully gained.

The unintended results like perplexing thoughts, anxiety, and not having breasts screened and examined the need to be alleviated for better prevention against breast cancer.

The FDA – Food and Drug Administration is now working on providing these notifications for spreading across women having this condition. Women having dense breasts have usually more mass of the glandular tissue as well as connective tissue – fibrous in nature in their breasts instead of having fatty tissue.

This is not tactical and cannot be easily felt. It is only obvious on a mammogram as experts have stressed.

The scientists surveyed about 600 women across the US and they were aged 40 above, with mammography done at least once in their lifetime.

76 percent of the women were aware of the term breast density. However, the scientists did not find any correlation among women if they needed any notification from the state. The current laws on notification are not mandatory providers of information, so the process is not uniform.


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