WHO Declares the Deadliest Stage of Coronavirus Pandemic

deadliest stage of coronavirus

The World Health Organization says the pandemic has entered the deadliest stage of coronavirus. As lockdown restrictions ease away, the virus shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

On Thursday reports say, in only one day the highest recorded number of cases has emerged. The WHO notes that nearly half of the 150,000 newly emerging cases come from the US alone. That is a staggering number from just one nation.

WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus explains that the world has entered a lethal stage in the battle against coronavirus. He said in Geneva’s virtual briefing, People are still vulnerable and the virus is spreading quickly. He emphasizes that the virus is deadly. This means even if lockdown restrictions ease-out, people are still largely at risk.

Previously Tedro has been under the bus for being a pawn in Beijing propaganda. He urged nonetheless that people follow social distancing guidelines and be cautious as much as possible. Tedros explains increased number of cases do not come from the US alone. A large percentage also comes from the Middle East and South Asia. This is an alarming report as most states and countries are lifting lockdowns or easing restrictions.

The UN health agency says the best and most essential technology against the spread is to track and trace. Tracing the spread of coronavirus will help quarantine and isolate cases thus successfully curtailing lethal transmission.

European regional director Dr. Hans Kluge, predicts a second wave of coronavirus may hit in autumn.

Speaking at a briefing that centered on Russia this Thursday he further explained his statement. He says just like the seasonal nature of influenza, coronavirus might prove as a seasonal virus for the world. Kluge says they cannot assert that with certainty. But regardless of whether or not the virus is seasonal, it will make a reappearance in its second wave.

He stresses on the fact that previously successful methods of virus prevention should ideally be in use. The strategy that is underway will include quickly finding cases, isolating them, and testing suspected cases. He also adds those that who test negative should ideally be treated without stigmatizing them or discriminating against them.

As we enter the deadliest stage of coronavirus, he says the government must simultaneously carry out contact tracing. People in close contacts of the infected must be tracked as it is essential to the strategy they have devised. He asserts however that there is no single answer as to how transmission can be stopped.

It’s interesting to note, his comments arrived a day after the Government found it’s contact tracing app unuseful. The NHS-developed app was previously applauded for its indispensable help in the country’s response to the coronavirus

Recently, however, Downing Street made a surprising move and chose another model instead of favoring their own. The model developed and worked out by giants of the tech industry: Apple and Google seemed to win the race in making a better-equipped app.

The world at large has its feet in the deadliest stage of coronavirus. As Kluge remarks, people will only be further tempted to gather during the summer; making the threat of transmission very real. He urges lockdown restrictions to be seen as important as it is a significant way to limit the spread.

Dr. Kluge warns Europe to be cautious as coronavirus is dangerously active in several countries. He says most countries are observing a rise in cases and transmissions; these include the likes of Armenia, North Macedonia, Israel, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.

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In the past month alone the numbers of major increases have gone from 6 countries only to 21 countries.

This is a cause for concern. Dr. Kluge says countries should invest in trace and track practices. Doing so would save them the trouble of imposing another lockdown.

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