US Reports 20,000 Coronavirus Deaths in Less Than 20 Days

coronavirus deaths in the US

During the past two months, the number of coronavirus deaths in the US has increased tremendously along with the rate of transmission of the virus and new infections. Regardless of the worsening conditions, the country continues to reopen businesses, offices, and even schools.

According to the reports on the situation of the pandemic in the US, the death toll has risen instead of improving after seven months of the public health crisis. More specifically, the total number of coronavirus fatalities took more than fifty days to reach fifty thousand.

However, to cross 100,000, it took only a month, and the deaths steadily increased back in the month of March. Now, John Hopkins University reports that at least 170,052 people have lost their lives to the coronavirus infection.

Furthermore, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the number with further increase. By the start of the next month, the statistics may go up to 180,000.

Overall, there have been at least twenty thousand deaths alone in the past month, suggesting that the average number of fatalities per day was one thousand. This is so far, the highest average of deaths per day recorded in the country.

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Although the research on the infection is more extensive now and can be used to devise better prevention methods, coronavirus deaths in the US continue to increase.

The primary reason for the tremendous rise may be the negligence of the importance of following steps for the prevention of the virus, particularly in younger people.

The risk of developing a severe form of the coronavirus infection as well as related complications and death is the highest in older adults or those with underlying health conditions.

However, this does not mean that younger people can easily avoid the virus or recover from it without developing any complications, which is the main reason why they are not following guidelines anymore.

According to Lori Lightfoot, who is the Mayor of Chicago, the majority of younger people are under the impression that the virus is not a threat to them.

“We’ve got to break through to our young people that they are not immune to the virus,” Lightwood said as the number of coronavirus cases in younger people in Chicago further increase.

Most of the cases diagnosed in the past four weeks have been in younger age groups especially in people aged eighteen to twenty-nine.

In addition, the CDC has also noted that the cases in children are also on the rise though previous studies said that children are less likely to contract the virus.

The increase in younger people and children are majorly associated with the reopening of colleges and schools in some of the states, health experts say.

Since both younger people and children are more likely to have contact with multiple people, there is a higher risk of the spread of the virus, which explains why the death toll has increased suddenly in June and July.

Therefore, in order to control the rising coronavirus deaths in the US, there is a need for not only implying preventive measures in schools and colleges but also educating the younger population on their role in the pandemic.




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