UK May Experience Second Wave of Coronavirus in Winter

In the past few weeks, the UK has allowed the reopening of various businesses after controlling coronavirus transmission to an extent. Although coronavirus pandemic in the region is not as bad in comparison with others, there is a threat of a second wave of coronavirus in the UK, specifically with the start of colder months.

According to the medical community in the UK, there is a need for a discussion on further plans for controlling the crisis as there are likely to be new coronavirus outbreaks wit the beginning of autumn.

Due to the changes in the weather, the pandemic can even worsen in the flu season with an increase in people requiring medical facilities and hospitalization. Senior health experts have stated that the UK has only two months to avoid such a situation.

The only solution to avoid a deadly second wave of coronavirus is by making a stronger team for tracing and increasing testing in all cities. In addition, local health authorities should also be prepared to handle new potential outbreaks to reduce transmission rates.

Overall, it is also suggested that there is a need for change in what is deemed normal. In the ‘new normal’ people should make preventive measures such as wearing a mask whenever visiting any public space and carrying a hand sanitizer everyday habits.

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Secondly, the culture of greetings that includes shaking hands, hugging, and other forms of physical contact should probably not be followed for many of the upcoming months. Some experts even suggest that there is a possibility that physical contact may need to be avoided for years.

Even though there are plans on reopening more businesses, the public should be repeatedly warned about the threat of coronavirus. The easing of restrictions should not mean that the virus has been completely controlled.

The requirement for wearing a mask, maintaining six feet distance, and avoiding physical is fundamental even after the number of new cases has gone down.

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The president of the Royal Society,  Prof. Venki Ramakrishnan explains that “No matter how successful countries have been at suppressing the virus, the moment restrictions are released, there is always a resurgence,”

“It’s not inevitable that we will have a huge wave in the winter, but it will happen if we are complacent and stop being vigilant,”

Ramakrishnan further emphasized on the need for the continuation of following preventive measures as strictly as before and has also asked government officials along with local health authorities to remind the public of the importance of maintaining the measures.

Anne Johnson, who is a professor at the Academy of Medical Sciences insists it is crucial to remind people of how easily the coronavirus can spread especially in social gatherings and how it is better to stay indoors.

It is highly likely that there will be new outbreaks in the upcoming months but the second wave of coronavirus in the UK can be avoided with better testing and tracing of the virus as well as by preparing beforehand for the emergence of new cases to reduce transmission rates.




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