UK Government To Tackle the Country’s Obesity Problem by Imposing Bans


As obesity becomes a rising problem for the UK, the government has decided to ban unhealthy deals in the country in an attempt to tackle the problem.

The UK government is aiming to ban ‘buy one get one free’ deals that promote the consumption of unhealthy foods that consequently cause health problems in the population.

Restrictions on the promotion of foods high in sugar in fat are also part of the plan besides new rules for revealing food calories on menus.

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The whole of the UK will now observe a ban on adverts promoting junk food before 21:00.

Boris Johnson believes this will help reduce health risks among the population caused by an unhealthy diet and weight. Protecting people from related risks will also help them stay healthy against lethal coronavirus.

There has been growing evidence that suggests there is a link between obesity and a high risk of coronavirus. The prime minister has therefore chosen to reveal his strategy against the issue.

Government statistics also confirm the fear with the statistic that shows nearly 8% of critically ill patients in intensive care units with coronavirus to be appallingly obese. In comparison, the general population stands at 2.9%.

These, however, aren’t the only measures being taken, other measures include:

  1. A national campaign to encourage and help people shed weight and opt for a healthier lifestyle since the coronavirus has made matters clear.
  2. A consideration of banning fast food adverts being run online altogether.
  3. Food and drinks sold in shops to be reviewed for traffic light labeling.
  4. A consideration to make calorie labels on alcoholic beverages a compulsory practice.
  5. Providing better incentives for GPs to deal with excess weight issues, including encouraging the use of digital applications and referrals for exercise.

The government is ensuring that all restaurants, cafes, or takeaways who have employed at least 250 employees, make sure to mention the number of calories for the food offered on the menus. Another consultation will ensure plans for alcoholic beverages to provide similar information on its labels also.

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The prime minister’s move to tackle this issue is a change instance, he has previously criticized such levies on foods but now he appears to view it as a necessity for the betterment of the country.

Boris Johnson’s time in the intensive care unit when he fell ill from coronavirus is thought to have contributed to his change in views.

He has admitted to saying he has put off losing weight for as long as he can remember and that he has struggled with his weight. He noted that he realized the importance of not being overweight during the pandemic because of how difficult it is to treat a patient who is obese.

If the government manages to implement these changes, food marketing will change significantly.

Being overweight can cause several problems for people suffering from coronavirus such as an inability to breathe when placed on their stomachs for manual ventilation. If the problem comes under control, it will mean a lot of free space in hospitals that are also treating illnesses caused by obesity.


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