U.S is Reconsidering its Decision on Using Face-masks in Public

More and more places around the United States have begun opening their doors to shop or eat indoors and it’s easy to see that the issue to wear a mask has come under question again.

A face covering is being emphasized around several states as 17 states were reported to have a rising number of coronavirus cases, many governors urged their people to take face masks seriously.

Under the newly developing circumstances, Virginia urged people to wear face coverings in social situations where it was deemed the practice important. The rule applied to any individual who was at least 10 years old or older confined into an indoor space that’s open to the public, said, Gov. Ralph Northam. The governor emphasized masks to be worn on public transports as a safety precaution.

When social distancing is unavoidable The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention insists the public wear a face mask to protect them from any foreseeable illness from coronavirus.

Masks are important and do prevent the novel virus from infecting more people says Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator.

Scientific evidence supports the use of masks. Droplets from infected persons spread the virus to other people, experiments show masks are good prevention methods which can save one from the droplets infecting you, Birx explained.

If people are forced to appear in public places and break social distancing rules, they should be wearing masks as protection.

There is opposition for the wearing of masks however as Americans resist the precautionary measure seeing it as something taking of their freedom.

An order that called for the wearing of masks indoors was revoked in Oklahoma’s city, Stillwater after workers were found being threatened.

A code compliance officer positioned at a local grocery store at Miami Beach experienced a man shout obscenities, calling the pandemic a lie among other disturbing verbal exchanges when he was asked to wear a mask before entering. Officials earlier this month also reported the shooting of a security guard at a family dollar store in Michigan after he asked a woman to wear a face-covering before entering the store.

Critics note that in front of cameras and public, President Donald Trump acts as a poor example because he doesn’t wear face masks.

On Monday a photograph of Joe Biden surfaced for the first time in months, he wore glasses and a face mask while at a Memorial day even. When the photo resurfaced on the president’s twitter, he retweeted it.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnaney when asked to comment on the retweet answered saying the picture was proof enough why the president didn’t wear face masks himself in public gatherings.

When asked about Trump’s criticism of a Democratic presidential candidate, the press secretary retorted saying the president was stirred by the appearance of joe, seeing how strange it was for him to be wearing no mask in the company of his wife but wearing it in public when he was social distancing. She noted that it was seen as an inconsistency and a slip.

The president also denied criticizing Biden. Biden thus gave his first interview in person after he was off the campaign following the wake of the coronavirus in the US. He explained how Trump was becoming more and more responsible for instilling a culture that stood against the protection brought by masks when everywhere in the world health care professionals are compelling people to wear one in public.

In just the following Tuesday evening reports flocked with cases of more than 1,680,000 infected Americans with Covid-19, with the death toll being even more than 98,800 as found by Johns Hopkins University



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