Trip to Thailand- Does Katie Price Have Coronavirus?

Katie Price is bedridden after persistent flu that is making her sick for the last few weeks. The 41-years old celebrity has fallen for a flu virus after her last trip to Thailand. Currently, coronavirus is creating panic worldwide and Thailand is one of the countries that are under this global coronavirus outbreak.

Insiders claim that Katie is worried that she might have caught coronavirus and become the fourth case of coronavirus in the UK. A source confirms that;

“Katie’s been feeling so bad she’s convinced it’s more than the flu. She’s been texting and calling friends asking what the symptoms of the coronavirus are because she’s been traveling so much there’s every chance she could have got it on a plane back from Thailand or Las Vegas.”

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Currently, there are three diagnosed cases of coronavirus in the UK. Katie Price visited Thailand in the new year and has returned to the UK this week, as reports tell.

Coronavirus outbreak has taken more than 500 lives till now and there are more than 28,000 infected cases of coronavirus in the whole world. At the start, it seems like the common cold, the patient experiences a runny nose, headache, sneezing, and fever. Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary of the UK suspects that there might be more cases of coronavirus in the UK.

Katie Price, the mother of five, has spent the whole week in bed after canceling all her appointments and makeup master class. All ticket holders to her class were fuming because of the unclear status of the class.

Coronavirus belongs to the same viral family that causes common cold and flu on humans. It also shares a resemblance with SARS and MERS viruses that have previously caused a massive outbreak and killed hundreds of people.

Coronavirus is highly contagious and it attacks the respiratory system. At the start, it shows pneumonia-like signs but it is not pneumonia. Started in December 2019, from Wuhan, China, coronavirus has killed hundreds of people in China and is still out of control.

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There are no obvious symptoms of coronavirus and the patient may only feel chills, runny nose, fever, and headache. Unfortunately, there is no diagnostic test, no medicine and no vaccine available that could control and treat coronavirus.

Katie’s class attendants were only sent an email that informed them about the non-availability of her. The attendants and fans are upset about this class cancellation and are not convinced that she genuinely had to cancel this class. They were convinced that Katie was dancing in a club in Amsterdam only a few hours ago the class got canceled.

Upon this incident, Katie says that;

“I’m actually in bed still ill. I was with my accountant and brother yesterday. They can vouch for me that I am really ill and have been in bed all night and all day.”

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