Switching to Mediterranean Diet can Save You from Diabetes type 2

Mediterranean Diet diabetes type 2

Nearly 40% of Americans are living with obesity and half of the population is trying to lose weight using different means. While the Mediterranean diet is immensely popular for its weight loss benefits, the new study highlights that it can be exceptionally helpful in saving women from diabetes type-2 a silent killer.

Typically a Mediterranean diet uses fresh fruits, veggies, grains, seeds along with healthy fat (olive oil), all of which are linked with good health. this dietary modification is also involved in lowering the risk of heart diseases and hypertension. Now, these new findings have added up to its benefits, as it can save women from diabetes type 2.

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These study findings are new but they are not surprising. The reason is that there is plenty of data which shows that the Mediterranean diet helps to improve health but its ability to lower diabetes type 2 risk is the latest addition to this list.

This study collected data from 25,000 individuals based in the U.S through the Women’s Health Study. This study analyzed the healthcare workers and identified the changes in their health for 20 years. Among these participants, at least 2,300 women developed diabetes type 2.

Those women who were following a Mediterranean diet during this study experienced a 30% lower risk of diabetes type 2 as compared to women who were consuming a different diet. However, these results were only observed in obese women and not those with a healthy weight.

These results show that by improving the diet, women can significantly lower the risk o diabetes type 2. And this chance is even higher among obese women.

While there is strong evidence that the Mediterranean diet saves women from diabetes type 2, it is necessary to understand that it is not an abrupt process. It takes years to show these results and expecting this diet to show effects in a few weeks or months is irrational.

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Although human metabolism needs only a little amount of time to change, big changes like anti-diabetic benefit take much more time to show up. The research team identified a number of markers that may affect this process. These markers include cholesterol lipoproteins, body mass index, inflammation as well as the body’s insulin resistance.

The mediterranean diet has a high amount of fiber content inside as compared to other popular diet plans. According to the research team probably this high fiber content lowers the chance of insulin resistance which otherwise is high in diabetic patients.

This study has investigated thousands of women for a very long time. So the results that it shows are probably better and more far fetched than other short-termed or small sample sized studies. The complete study findings are published in the journal JAMA Network Open.

There is no treatment for diabetes type 2. Despite that it is not a disease itself, it paves the path for a number of health conditions to hit a person and in severe cases, it can even kill a person. The only way to get rid of diabetes type 2 is to avoid it in the first place. Simple dietary changes like switching to the Mediterranean diet have numerous benefits for every person, including the protection from diabetes type 2.




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