Supplements Safety Warnings Regarding Three Common Problems

Supplements Safety Warnings

Dietary supplements are a popular way to cover up the nutritional deficiencies but none of these products come without the supplements safety warnings. People are most likely to use the supplements for blood pressure, anxiety, and high cholesterol but is taking dietary supplements safe in these conditions?

Most people report experiencing improvement in their condition after taking the supplements but it is also possible not to stand these products and the body somehow becomes reluctant about it.

The common health problems i.e. cholesterol, stress, and blood pressure are usually treated with medicines. However, people tend to take dietary supplements instead of medicines. In this case, these dietary supplements are the only hope for these people, according to Dr. Donald Levy, from the Osher Clinical Center for Integrative Medicine, Brigham who also teaches Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

There are numerous studies that report that herbal dietary supplements may help in reducing stress, blood pressure, and cholesterol. However, in some cases, it may need some medicines or other traditional treatments to get complete benefits. In most cases, the supplements are available without a prescription and there is no risk in trying them. But people diagnosed with any disease are required to get approval from their doctor before using them.

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For cholesterol, the best is to use a statin prescribed by a doctor. It is a medicine that elevates the high cholesterol but those who can’t stand it can alternatively use supplements. The most effective supplements for reducing cholesterol include vitamin D3 supplements, Phytosterols supplements, and Red yeast rice.

Some of the dietary supplements are also efficient to low high blood pressure, according to Dr. Levy. These include magnesium citrate or glycinate bases supplements and Lycopene bases supplements. For stress and anxiety, natural extracts like Chamomile can help to lower stress levels.

Irrespective of which supplement or brand a person chooses to use, he shouldn’t ignore the supplements safety warnings.

Some supplements are extremely helpful to get the desired benefits but without regulatory control, they may cause potential side effects as well. Suh supplements typically contain some harmful ingredients which are usually hidden or branded with some fancy names. It is necessary to pay attention to all the ingredients inside a supplement before selecting any.

Dr. Donald Levy suggests talking to your doctor before using any supplement. It is to make sure that nothing inside your desired supplement is going to damage your body or cause an interaction with medicine that your doctor has already prescribed to you.

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Although all leading dietary supplement companies follow the rules set by the FDA including the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), it is necessary to check if the supplement that a person deemed to use contains a GMP certificate or not.

FDA can not put control over hundreds of thousands of these dietary supplements which is why it urges people to inspect any dietary supplement before buying it. simple things like choice of a supplement, reputation of the company making it, quality, and information regarding the ingredients. Health experts suggest these dietary supplements are safe for health but still, not to ignore the supplements’ safety warnings in any case.



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