Sleep Loss During Holidays? Here’s What You Can Do

Sleep loss during holidays is one of the most commonly experienced problems especially among people who have to arrange or attend gatherings. This year, the issue is going to be even worse than before due to the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and most may find it more difficult to sleep normally than they did previously.

An increase in this problem can pave the way for other issues to develop during the holidays including headaches, dizziness, inability to concentrate, and others. Lack of sleep may also lead to arguments, social burnout, and fallout.

For people who already struggle to balance their work, social life, and familial life, the effects can even be more severe and influence all of these areas. Secondly, in many cases, the problem may even continue after the end of the holidays.

In the long-term, it can cause serious issues as research has already shown its association with a higher risk of obesity, depression, cardiovascular disease, and many others.

So, what can be done to manage this problem and effectively prevent the health conditions linked to it? In order to control the issue on time, it is important to identify the cause.

Most of the time, there are a number of causes for sleep loss during the holidays with stress being common in all of the cases.

Managing multiple tasks, arranging and attending events, shopping, traveling and various other common activities in the holidays are usually stressful for the majority of people. This year, these activities come with a risk of catching coronavirus.

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As a consequence, they are going to be even more stressful than before, which is going to lead to even more problems. Typically, it is high-stress levels that make a person indulge in other unhealthy activities, which contribute to sleep loss.

For instance, people who find it difficult to sleep stay up late and are highly likely to eat late at night as well. This can not only worsen sleep loss issues, as diet impacts the quality of sleep, but also cause weight gain.

Other factors contributing to sleep loss also include financial management, lack of exercise and lethargy, and not having a fixed schedule.

According to health experts, the easiest way to manage sleep loss and get rid of all the contributors, start by making a schedule for different activities for the day and for the holidays in general.

This will help in resolving other issues one by one as it will help in fixing times for specific tasks of the day. Make sure to always spare seven to eight hours for sleep time. Secondly, try to pick the same time of sleeping every day as well as follow it too.

In addition, add at least forty-five minutes of exercise to the schedule for 3 to five days per week. Along with setting a routine, keep an eye on diet and alcohol consumption during the holidays.

Sticking to a healthy diet, avoiding heavy drinking, and smoking especially at night can make a significant difference in sleep quality.

Lastly, avoid stressful conversations, such as those related to money, on the dinner table, or before sleeping.





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