Several Health Organizations Encouraging Trump’s Administration to Wipe-Off Flavored E-Cigarettes


Lately, several organizations like the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Parents Against Vaping e-cigarettes (PAVe), the American Heart Association, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, the American Lung Association, and Truth Initiative have come hand to hand to protect the future of American students by banning tobacco all over the country.

All health organizations are encouraging Trump’s administration to put an end to all flavored e-cigarettes to promote a better future.

According to the campaign, mint, and menthol, e-cigarettes should especially be banned on strict laws as the bar usage of menthol and mint e-cigarette among high school users has reached two-thirds of the total usage.

Usage of e-cigarettes lately has become an epidemic, and if it still holds its position in the market a little longer, the youth would be pushed further towards a dead end. A failure to remove it would further encourage companies like Juul to destroy the health of youngsters.

The situation became quite clear when Juul and its owner Altria stopped the sale of all their flavored e-cigarettes last week, except menthol and mint.

Trump’s administrations must quickly highlight this issue as the continued sale of these two flavored e-cigarettes means the priority of Juul and other companies’ sales over teen’s health. As per the latest news by The New York Times, menthol and mint make up the majority of the sales of Juuls, that is, 80%.

The health crisis could not be solved until and unless all the flavored e-cigarettes would be banned including the most prioritized one – menthol and mint.

However, no update has yet been made on the continued sales of mint and menthol e-cigarettes in the announcement made on 11 September 2019. The announcement was made by Trump’s government to eliminate all the flavored e-cigarettes from the market; even menthol and mint ones too.

As per the data analysis that was done by the National Youth Tobacco Survey in 2019 and discussed by the administration, 42.3% of the teens were involved in smoking e-cigarettes in 2017, this rose to 51.2% in 2018 and 63.9% in 2019.

The thing organizations want the administration to address is the availability of flavored e-cigarettes, as the longer, it would last in the market, the more the children will go for it.

Alex Azar, the Health and Human administrator clearly described the situation by saying, “These products are still getting to kids and we cannot let a whole generation get addicted to them through mint and menthol and o take any other flavors.”

The Federal government up until now has failed to take any action against this epidemic and has always favored it over the health of teens these days.

While Alex Azar has currently reported a spike in the usage of flavored e-cigarettes for up to 5 million people, no further delay can be made – and an urgent step is needed to put an end to this.

There is a dire need that now Trump’s administration takes a stand against tobacco companies and completely wipe off the flavored e-cigarettes from the market – even the menthol and mint ones.

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