Russian Bride Dies of Nut Allergy During Her Wedding Party  

Nut allergy

A bizarre case of nut allergy has made it to international media where a bride from Russia has reportedly lost her life by anaphylactic shock. It is believed that she was allergic to nuts and the meal served during her wedding party had nuts in them.

25 years old Alexandra Erokhova was happy to finally marry the love of his life but everything turned upside down when she ate a dessert served at her own wedding feast, right after her nuptials.

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The entire wedding was disturbed as soon as she started to choke while some of the guests assisted her unable to understand what is happening to her. They report it as the bride suddenly felt suffocated and was choking.

This tragic event took place at Tsaritsyno Palace, a lavish wedding hall in Moscow, Russia. This hall was founded by Catherine the Great.

Bride’s friends and family members called an ambulance right away to the wedding hall.

After the emergency call, a resuscitation team immediately reached to the venue but it was too late as the bride could not be saved. The doctors are calling her suffocation and choking to be anaphylaxis which is commonly triggered if a person has a nut allergy.

The close friends and relatives of Alexandra tell that she was severely allergic to nuts since her childhood. Her family members were clear about not using nuts in any of the meals during this wedding and the chefs were informed in advance, confirms Alexandra’s family. The nuts were found in a sweet delicacy severed at the wedding party. But how did these nuts end up at her wedding and finally took her life?

The deceased bride graduated in banking and finance from the elite ‘Russian Presidential Academy’ under the ‘National Economy and Public Administration’ Russia.

This case is currently under investigation on how did it happen when the chefs were given special instructions on not using nuts in any dish.

Previously, a similar case was reported from New Zealand where another bride died after a few hours of getting married. But her cause of death was confirmed as a bacterial infection that caused meningitis in her.

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This 26 years old,  Jamieka McCarthy Harford was feeling sick after her wedding party and eventually lost her life.

In 2019, another woman was in news for a similar life-threatening allergy after having an unprotected sexual encounter. This case was unusual where the 46 years old reported feeling sweaty, lethargic, dizzy, and itchy all over her body.

Anaphylactic shock is a potentially deadly reaction which is often caused by an allergic reaction. It shows up within seconds and gets worse at the same speed. It appears like a person is feeling dizzy, breathing fast, choking, wheezing, and about to collapse. He may or may not experience the typical allergic symptoms along with this Anaphylactic shock.

Normally, the human body gets into anaphylaxis when the immune system shows an overreaction to any common allergen. But it is not always caused by nut allergy or any allergy as such. There is no known standard cause of such idiopathic anaphylaxis.

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