Risk of Coronavirus Spread in Spas – What Should You Know

coronavirus spread in spas

At the moment, many of the countries including the US is reopening businesses, which had led to the majority of the people returning to several public spaces after staying home since the beginning of the year but some places are far riskier than others. For instance, coronavirus spread in spas is much more likely than in other places.

Since the end of the lockdown, more and more people have been going out to different public places.

Even though the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has released specific guidelines for businesses to operate while minimizing the risk of coronavirus transmission as much as possible, following the instructions does not completely eradicate the chances of catching the infection.

Therefore, along with the following preventive measures, experts suggest checking whether any particular place is also imposing all guidelines before making any kind of plans or visiting to ensure safety.

While the majority of businesses are following instructions, there are still a number of places that may not impose them strictly. In addition, the risk of coronavirus spread in some places may just be higher than in others due to certain factors.

For example, the risk of coronavirus transmission in indoor public spaces is much higher than in outdoor spaces. This is because practicing social distancing, a practice essential for lowering coronavirus risk, is easier outdoors.

In places with limited space, staying six feet apart is much more difficult especially when there are many people entering and going out at the same time.

In addition, it has now been proven that the airborne transmission of coronavirus is possible. According to the World Health Organization’s files on ways of coronavirus spread, airborne transmission is much more likely to happen in indoor spaces.

The risk if further maximized if a particular space does not have proper ventilation, which plays a fundamental role in lowering airborne transmission. So, in places like spas and salons, the risk is high because there are multiple ways a person may be exposed to the virus.

More precisely, coronavirus spread in spas is more likely because it can spread through secondary objects, shared clothes, towels, and even the equipment used in multiple spa-based procedures.

Where many spas may choose to sterilize tools and equipment right after they have been used in some procedure on one client, many may choose not to do so. This may simply be due to a lack of time and a high number of incoming clients.

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Often, it is difficult to sterilize equipment and cater to new clients side by side. Mistakes in disinfecting and sterilization can also spread pathogens very easily.

Till now, there has not been a report of new cases associated solely with spas. However, with multiple cases being linked to other similar places such as gyms, it can be said coronavirus spread in spas can also be high if preventive measures are not followed properly.

Ideally, a person should avoid going to any public space. However, if going to the spa is necessary, do not forget to wear a mask, wash hands or use sanitizer, and avoid touching the face.



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