Prescient Medicine To Collaborate With Erasmus For Studying Opioid Addiction in Netherlands

Prescient Medicine holding Inc has collaborated with the department of clinical chemistry, Erasmus MC (CC-EMC) to study the risks of opioid addiction in the Netherlands. The announcement was made today. This new partnership will be centered on Prescient Medicine’s novel genetic testing technology that is designed to accurately assess the risks of opioid addiction before exposure to opioids.  To confirm the positive outcomes of the research in the United States, clinical research will be conducted on the patients in Netherlands.

A previous study from this year reveals that between the years 2008 and 2017 the number of prescription opioid users in the Netherland become double and hospital admission related to opioids become tripled.

Prescient Medicine, a private company that mainly focused on the development of diagnostic tools. It advances the healthcare movement of precision. The mission of Prescient Medicine is to accelerate the commercialization, development, and deployment of advanced clinical diagnostics for addressing the public health issues in the U.S. and around the world. The company has built up a strong test and proposed analytical solutions. This gives insight to the doctors and patients to assess the data so that they can make a better decision for clinical to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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According to Professor Ron HN Van Schaik at Erasmus, that in the U.S. the number of opioid addictions is devastating, and we are worried about the increased number of opioid users and addiction that is similar to the Netherland.  It is a vital step to evaluate the potential of Prescient Medicine’s diagnostic technology.

This step is helpful in the future for addressing and minimizing the risks of opioid addictions in The Netherlands. It is a tool for the clinical to determine the risks related to opioid addiction for a person before going for medicine. The test would give an easy way to the prescriber for choosing the best drug to treat the patient.

The Erasmus MC University Medical Center is an organization that is aimed to achieve a healthy population and excellence in healthcare through education and research. It has employed 17,000 members in 2019.

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It rapidly grew in many fields including studying clinical and fundamental domains along with public prevention. The main goal of research at Erasmus is the heart of a society that results in innovation, improving the quality and effectiveness of patient care.

Keri Donaldson, the medical director and CEO of Prescient Medicine said that this type of test is important and valuable for anyone to prescribe opioids that are not only restricted to the U.S. We are trying to expand the usage of this test in The Netherlands. It may play a part in helping to combat the opioid crisis that develops in The Netherlands and throughout the world.

To learn the assessment of a patient’s genetic risk for opioid addiction we use the genetic panel that may leverage the power of the machine. The Federal Drug and Administration gave Breakthrough Device Designation to the test in the U.S. in Feb 2018.


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