Nut Allergy Cases in Children may Increase During Halloween

nut allergy cases in children

Health experts warn that nut allergy cases in children will surge during Halloween celebrations this year as the children will be exposed to chocolates and candy. Children who are allergic to nuts avoid taking anything that has these nuts in them but it is impossible to expect them to be ‘careful’ during the Halloween trick or treat hunts which are mostly unsupervised. Hence the chances of eating nut-based chocolates and candies are high which means the nut allergy cases are also expected to be higher than normal.

The health experts are suggesting parents keep a watchful eye on their children and check their bag of candies especially the ingredients of these treats. If any of these treats contain nuts, make sure that your children don’t eat these candies. In addition to this, the standard COVID-19 guidelines should also be followed for safety during Halloween celebrations.

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Although the severity of pandemic has reduced it still carries a health risk. Additionally, the increased nut allergy is also a threat that may be more dangerous this year, because of the ongoing pandemic.

A new study reveals that more than 85% of cases of anaphylaxis caused by nut allergy cases in children are reported during the Halloween season. Mostly, these cases are triggered by peanuts but nearly 70% of the causative agents are unidentified.

There is strong evidence to prove that every year, more and more children are falling a victim to nut allergy. Anaphylaxis is an extreme response caused by nut allergy. It is a life-threatening situation during which a person is unable to breathe and his blood pressure can drop extremely low and his airways and tongue may swell, making breathing impossible.

The reason for the increased number of anaphylaxis cases during any vacation season is ignoring the guidelines. If a child has a known history of nut allergies, parents should never leave him unsupervised and make him aware of his condition by educating him on nut allergy. It is common for children to enjoy treats and candies during the festive season and parents somehow become less careful regarding their safety.

The study authors urge all parents to never stop caring for their allergic children to avoid a life-threatening situation during these holidays.

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If there is uncertainty regarding nut allergy in a child, the best is to get medical help. Discuss it with a certified pediatrician and find out what can you do to manage this deadly reaction.

Some of the health experts suggest parents carry an EpiPen if their child has a known history of allergies. They should also keep a close eye on the Halloween celebrations especially the candies and stash food that they are eating.

If they suspect a product carrying nuts, it is better to read the label or google the ingredients before giving it to the children. Moreover, follow the social distancing, wear a mask, and practice good hand hygiene during these Halloween activities.


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