No New Coronavirus Deaths in New York City Within 24 Hours

New York City is one of the states with the highest number of coronavirus deaths in the United States. A significant surge in the coronavirus cases in New York was observed during the past couple of months. But recently, for the first time since mid-March, there was no death due to the virus reported within 24 hours.

New York City was fighting the coronavirus with the highest number of cases. The fortunate news came in 24 hours from Tuesday to Wednesday. The preliminary data issued by the health department shows no new coronavirus deaths in a day. The news came after thousands of fatalities recorded in the past months.

The health officials have warned that the data can be misleading. The lag in timings of reporting deaths can be one of the reasons. Also, three cases are still under investigation. These cases might be of death due to coronavirus during those 24 hours.

People are advised to be cautiously optimistic but this news comes as a silver lining during the pandemic. The city made immense progress in containing the coronavirus outbreak. The number of coronavirus cases in New York is now decreasing.

The government is looking forward to reopening the city.  Considering the protective guidelines are followed by the public, life can return to normalcy.

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Avery Cohen, who is a City Hall spokeswoman, said that the New Yorkers have faced extraordinary conditions. They did their best to ensure the safety of each other during the outbreak.

She also said that the government is hopeful they can safely reopen the business in the state. She is optimistic that their significant progress will not be lost.

Currently, the number of coronavirus deaths in New York City is 21,752. 16,992 of these fatalities are confirmed coronavirus cases. 4,760 are negative tests but they showed symptoms of the disease.

The death toll recorded on Wednesday was 59. These cases were previous deaths and did not occur during those 24 hours.

Zero coronavirus deaths reported in 24 hours was on 12 March. It was a day after the first case of coronavirus emerged in New York.

The outbreak peaked in April in the state. New York usually reported 500 deaths in a single day. The highest death toll was on April 7 with 806 coronavirus deaths.

Currently, there are 202,319 confirmed coronavirus cases in New York City. This is the highest number of cases in any of the states of America.

The city was in lockdown for almost 11 weeks. It went through a significant economic crisis during these weeks. In the light of stability in the number of coronavirus cases in New York, the state has considered reopening. The city will enter its first phase of reopening business and public places on June 8.

The restaurants will reopen in the second phase, probably in the first week of July. New Yorkers are advised to strictly follow the protective guidelines during the reopening.

Social distancing is the most important measure to avoid transmission of the virus. The state will reopen completely in the coming month if the number of coronavirus cases in New York keeps decreasing.

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